'95 E320 Wagon Beater PC

Apr 29, 2007
Connecticut, USA
Decided to try out my new Griots goodies and practice on the "beater"... its been many years since I did any paint correction and while it was still a lot of work, the Griots polishers and compounds were much more pleasant to work with. Last time I was using a PC, 6" LC pads and Pinnacle compound/polish products.


  • TW Max Power soap (highest pH, straight product in the foam cannon, which dilutes 14:1 with my PW)
  • Tar-X on spots
  • Eagle1 wheel cleaner w/Iron
  • Autoscrub sponge medium w/ Nanoskin Glide
  • Griots G8 (3" pads) and Griots G9 (5" pads)
  • Griots Fast Correction and Perfecting creams
  • Buff & Shine Uro-Tec pads (maroon and yellow)

Did test spots on the hood, I didn't grab a picture of the FCC... but it removed most of the swirls.


The correction cream and FCC left these very fine "swirl" marks.... which I assume are haze or micro-swirls from too aggressive a combo for a particular paint. The only combo that didn't was perfecting cream on yellow and correction cream on yellow (though maybe slight). At this point, I realize a 1 step wouldn't work and remove a reasonable amount of swirls.


Correction cream & maroon pad


Correction cream & yellow pad


Perfecting cream & yellow pad

So 2-step... since FCC left about the same haze as correcting cream and took out more, I went for it and maroon pads first. Followed by perfecting cream and yellow. Topped it off with 2 coats of TW Hybrid. It far from perfect, but better than how it started :)


Nice job. Good choice on the TW Max-Power Soap. Full strength has a pH of 10.2, which is strong, but still in the safe zone.