AC Delco Dexos 1 = Motorcraft

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Jan 25, 2003
Decatur AL USA
AC Delco Dexos 1 Synthetic Blend 5W30 vs Motorcraft Synthetic Blend 5W20
            AC     MC
Moly -      70     80
Boron -    220    235
Calcium - 2260   2135
Zinc -     880    860
Phos -     760    740
TBN -      6.7    7.4
Anyone else notice a bit of similarity between the new AC/Delco 5W30 and MC 5W20? I have to wonder just how similar the MC 5W30 Blend specified in the new Ecoboost is to Dexos 1. Anyone now if they are both supplied by Conoco-Phillips?
Originally Posted By: Anies
I believe Exxon/Mobil provides GM's supply
According to this , that is correct. "ExxonMobil on September 10 signed an agreement to continue as the lubricants supplier for the U.S. General Motors’ dealer network for the next five years. ..... As part of the agreement, ExxonMobil will also market General Motors’ new semi-synthetic engine oil, ACDelco dexos1 5W30, to be launched later this year in the U.S. and Canada."
Yep, this is exactly what I said when the VOAs were posted. Most likely the same add pack just difference company/base oils.
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