AAA...worth it?

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May 13, 2006
Portland, OR
AAA has lots of good perks and services. An AAA membership and a cellphone is the only toolkit you'll ever need to carry!
I have road service reimbersment attached to my auto insurance. It's got some limitations ..but is very cheap. So a credit card and a cell phone are all I need. AAA would be nice for a daughter or son away at college where you can't trust them with a credit card (the cell phone is almost a given - and they always cannot be trusted with them- daughters anyway).
My parents have had it for a long time. We use it at least bi-annually, mainly for battery jump starts, but these last two times, my Saturn's alternator crapped out on my driveway and the Serpentine Belt tensioner snapped. (drives water pump)

Here's the catch about AAA: They are EMERGENCY road side assistance. So, if you screw up on a repair job on your driveway, they may not tow you to a repair shop as it isn't a true emergency. Of course, I've been known to push the car a block away and fake it, and it works every time. Be aware that their basic membership only covers towing for 5 miles, and for any additional miles, IIRC, YOU have to negotiate with the truck driver. Get AAA plus if you want up 100 mi towing.

The $$$ you pay are really for a sense of security. Whether its worth it or not, I do not know. Depending on how much $$$ you spend at their preferred vendors (as they have 10% discounts at many of them), you can easily make-up for the cost of membership.
I've got an offer for $42.00 for 2 memberships from AAA (for 13 months).

I do like the part that you get all the services/benefits even when you're not in your car, but in someone else's...seems a nice security to have...and all those various discounts...sounds nice, but I want to hear from others.

Those who're members of AAA, how do you like it? is it worth to try this offer?
Some feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
I've been with AAA for 16 years. Because I take diligent care of my cars, I've only been towed once... the alternator crapped out on a road trip.

I rarely use their benefits. I don't think they're for me anymore. I'm looking elsewhere (Citizens?).

I've read that some people are ticked off by the AAA programs funded with members' money.
If you try to do DIY work, and have... ummm... the potential of getting part way into the job and not being able to continue the job for some reason...

Then having the free tow to whatever your trusted garage is, is a very nice thing.

AAA maps seem to be pretty good.

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