A little experience with LM MoS2

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
So with all the talk about LM MoS2, I decided to give it a try in my 91 BMW. Why? Well, my car has shown a few issues. My car has been using some oil since I swapped it to M1 10w-40 HM, and while it does not leak at all, I wanted to see if the MoS2 particles might "clog" small, porous gaps in whatever might be seeping (I have a theory about this, and think it has come to fruition on my 82 MB diesel). But the real issue was that the car has, for the last few years, exhibited a tapping "lifter tick" for the first few minutes of use when temperatures are below 50F. This has been the case using different 5w-40 and 10w-40 oils. It makes the car sound like a sewing machine, and I cannot imagine that the tick is really good for the engine. So my thought was that having a thin, solid Mo coating might be beneficial. I added about 1/2 can into the 5.25qt sump. Didnt do the full treat rate, just wanted to get some MoS2 into the system. After a few cold starts and use of the car for a number of days, I will say that the tick at startup is subsantially quieter. MPGs will have to be run, but it sure seems that based upon the MPG gauge, it sits slightly higher in the MPG range. I suppose that this would make sense, though I cannot say for certain that it will make a measurable difference. But Im pretty happy with LM MoS2 right now, and I may treat at a higher dose per the bottle, to see if the noise goes away completely. If it does, Im sold and will be a user in this car...
We run the Lubro 10/40 MOS formula in a lot of the older BMWs we see, with great results. The customers who want to pay up for it that is. We noticed a huge difference in my partners 91 M5 right away over the BMW 15/40 he was using. He swears by it.
Thanks for sharing. Please keep us up-to-date on new thoughts you have with this app as it gets more use, or if a larger dosage changes things.
But how can it be? What scientific proof do you have that the tapping "lifter tick" is quieter? MPG increase I won't even go there. LOL Nice report! I believe every word, but if some people had reported that, of if another product was involved, look out! This is what I consider testimony from a respected member. Thanks for sharing! I'm just having some fun [maybe] this morning, that's all!
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But how can it be? What scientific proof do you have that the tapping "lifter tick" is quieter? MPG increase I won't even go there. LOL
Well, MPG claims I cannot/will not make until multiple tanks of fuel. Looking at where a gauge is sitting does not an MPG analysis make... The ticking noise being quieter is indeed empirical, and we will see what happens in time (e.g. application of z-max also quieted it for a time, but then it came back). It will be interesting to see in the long run. If the MoS2 does indeed "plate up" then this all makes sense. If not, or it settles from the surfaces, the story may be different...
I completely understand, I was just having some fun. Since a quieter engine is something some members challenge, along with visual observations, such as something appears cleaner I thought I'd have some fun. I hope you have long lasting results with the product. For me it stopped an old mower from blowing smoke, I think it's three seasons now. I would take a guess and attribute that to "plating". JMO
Agree 100%, and appreciate the humor. Remember the M1 noise wars back in the day?
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Agree 100%, and appreciate the humor. Remember the M1 noise wars back in the day?
Yep! I had more engine noise with Amsoil though, which is one of the reasons why I stopped using it. hide In all honesty I trust my senses, if I can see it, hear it, or feel it I believe it. Also testimony from someone like yourself has some value too. JMO
I admit I have tried all sorts of fuel and oil products. Most were questionable. But I have settled on Lubro Moly in the oil, and MMO in the fuel.
^For the price, a decent value at minimum investment(entry level) for both of those products. Great for a maintaining a vehicle if there could be benefit from it(UCL for MMO, or any FM improvement over say a conventional oil by adding MoS2).
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