'99 Taurus power steering pump leak. Is this o-ring available?

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Apr 27, 2010
Suburban Washington DC
Got a bad leak at the bottom of the pump where the reservoir supply tube attaches to the pump.

[Linked Image from fototime.com]

Parts diagram from 2002 shows 2 o-rings with part number F6DZ-3C633-BB but nothing useful comes up in a search.

[Linked Image from fototime.com]

Anybody know a good number for those o-rings or an aftermarket alternative? I hate to spend $50-$80 on a pump if a $2 part will fix it.
Measure their diameters, the numbering system is standardized. Or just get the monster 660 pc kit from HF.
As the two above alluded to, o-rings are typically standardized. No designer in their right mind creates a connection that requires a [censored] o-ring. The hole, counterbore, etc are made to fit existing o-ring sizes.
Get on the Apple Rubber or Parker-Hannifin web sites. They have online catalogs. Metric or inch. There are other sizing systems, like for straight-thread o-ring boss fittings. If you have digital calipers, measure the section thickness of the o-ring, then use a ruler to measure the ID.
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OK, but metric sizes?

Yes. It's been around a few centuries and is in use throughout the globe. It's not really a new thing....
Have you checked with the dealer? I seem to recall the same problem in my 2001. The dealers had the washers, but they were plastic ones. Didn't really work and I just ended up getting an aftermarket pump to fix the leak. The 2001 was a different generation though, 4th gen vs the 3rd gen of the 99.
My local NAPA had about 10 Kits, plus they would bring out micrometers and match me up. One of the hardest to find took two guys about 35 mins to find the right one.. part was $1 or something.
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