98 corolla, exhasut pipe spring bolts torque?

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Aug 8, 2005
stamford, CT
yesterday, i installed a bosal front exhaust pipe on my 98 corolla. first time ever doing this. Past 3 weeks, after 18 years, it finally ate through. I had tride patching it up, but the gases eventualy ate through exhasut tape, even with aluminum foil as a shield. went flawless, but i did purchase new exaust flange bolts with springs form autozone, doorman brand. pretty much the same thing as the original rusted heavily over spring bolts. i did notice, if it wasnt real tight, the o2 sensor was not possible too install back into the pipe. tightening somewhat more, i was able too slide it on and off. i did use new gaskets too. the manifold too pipe is a bowl shaped gasket, victor reinz i bought. I belive the springs allow movement for the exahust. i pretty much tightened both so they felt like they were on fringe of breaking... did in tighten them too much? not usre about the torque specs. but it wa fun;) im planning on gutting and replacing the rest of the exhaust system next month or 2, myself. walker brand is what i wanna use.
46 lb/ft is the torque on those bolts according to the service manual.
thanks! i didnt use a torque wrench though i have 2. the thing is, you cannot put the 02 sensor in or out, unless the bolts spring is torqued how i did it. when i first dis assembled the pipe, i took the 02 sensor off. putting it back on, new pipe, the spring bolt was in the way. so im assuming i mostly probably did it right then, torquing them so the 02 sensor fit without the spring bolt in the way.
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