7.3 Powerstroke Racor fuel filter

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Feb 3, 2011
Golden Meadow, LA
After doing a bit of reading and talking to friends who have done the same, I've decided to install a Racor pre-pump fuel filter on my 99 Ford. While it has gone 231k miles with nothing more than the factory valley mounted fuel filter, I figured a little more protection cant hurt. I plan on keeping it until the frame gets to the point where its not structurally sound (I had mentioned before it was quite rusty in two areas, I plan on coating the rust in either fluid film or used diesel oil as needed). There is a kit made by Racor specifically for the 7.3, with either a 2, 10, or 30 micron filter, and then theres a kit made for gas outboards that is recommended by the guy who owns PowerstrokeHelp(many videos on youtube powerstrokehelp.com). I'm undecided on which one I should run. http://www.parker.com/parkerimages/Racor/7570%20(7.3L%20Powerstroke%20Products%20-%2007-08-2005).pdf this is the one made by racor for the 7.3, its under primary fuel filter mounting kit
Id want one rated for diesel in case the materials differ. Your racor size rating should be based upon the rating of your subsequent filters. Are you removing the OE primary to install this? Typically you would sequence to reduce the load on the downstream filters.
Some of the farmers out here use toilet paper for gasoline, diesel fuel, and oil for operating in dusty conditions out in the fields. They do take time to engineer the installations for proper flow and easy servicing with plumbing that does not leak and claim that nothing gets through the toilet paper. The media is cheap enough to encourage frequent changes. One farmer said he does not admit to using toilet paper because he keeps hearing how the paper will dissolve and destroy the fuel or oil system. These self-proclaimed experts don't realize how good these farmers are at maintaining their equipment. They fix things themselves and keep the machinery running.
The original Racor fuel filter manufactured by Rogers Filtration Systems back in the late 1960's used a roll of paper towels for an element but later changed to a pleated paper element for “repeat business”.
If you cant find what you are looking for from Racor at a decent price, cross reference to Baldwin/Hastings as they are all owned by the parent company Hannifin. I found that the rear filter/water separator on my Ram Cummins was made by Racor but costly. I found (verified by Hannifin) that the Racor filter was just painted and labeled different to be called Baldwin or Hastings.
You've probably already installed your filter (s) but if you haven't, consider the kit available from Strictly Diesel. It's a kit to do the "hutch mod" but incorporates a frame mounted pre pump filter. If you're looking for only filtration, consider a post pump filter that guys use when installing a regulated return (fuel bowl delete). You don't have to delete your fuel bowl to add a post pump filter. Strictly diesel kit below: www.strictlydiesel.com/p-2662-driven-diesel-fuel-tank-pre-pump-kit-hutch-mod.aspx
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