5W30 Oil Compatibility

Hey gents, I have a Litre each of Nissan Ester Oil and Quaker State Q-Horsepoer European Formula Synthetic 5W30. Would both brands be compatible with another synthetic 5W30 like an Amsoil or Syntec? Thanks in advance. I'm not very familiar with the QS Euro one.
I would at least try to match the additive strategies used. For example, some oils (Valvoline and Castrol come to mind) use sodium, while your QHP doesn't. Yeah, they're all compatable, but how much so? As either make-up oil or for a change, I would care myself. Still, there are many long-time members on here who have done bitsa changes in their beaters using four or five different oils, and none have ever reported bad results. If you have two high end oils, why not just buy enough additional of each to have enough for a couple of changes? You may not lose anything by mixing, but you won't gain anything either.
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Merkava....are you high tonite or somethin? You have been talking out of your arse.
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"Additive package clash"
Today I mixed 3 quarts pennzoil platinum , 1 quart supertech syn, 1 quart mobil super syn, all 5-30. Everything seems ok so far. And, I am quite sure everything will be ok for the run.
Almost every one of my changes are going to be a mix or are going to end up a mix later on for top off. I like to try all the brands and I end up with a lot of left overs. No way am I going to let them go to waste, and the API cert says I can do it!
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I used to mix brands and weights all the time but since coming to BITOG I try to stick with the all of the same brand. I think fdcg27 hit the nail on the head when he said " I would at least try to match additive strategies used". If you are mixing an oil that uses moly (ie: Shell dino) with one that uses titanium (ie: Kendall) the mix may not have enough of either...(since you have halved the amounts by mixing). On the other hand it could work as well or better than either. I don't want to presume to be smarter than the oils formulators. I would think that topping up wouldn't be an issue but at the very least mixing may shorten the OCI capability. I think this might be what Chubbs meant by 'additive clash".