5W30 504/507 shortage?

Aug 13, 2017
Wondering if the shortage bug is hitting the refining industry too? I have somewhat of a stash of oil that I replenish as I use it up. I usually mail order what I need or use NAPA when their ESP goes on sale. I have ended up doing maintenance on about 5 Volkswagens with four that require 504/507 oil. Over the last few months the gals have brought their vehicles over and I tell them what they need to buy for their visit as far as parts/filters/oil. I then make them help or at least observe as I don't charge them. Anyways, the last few times they have showed up has been with the wrong oil so I have raided my stash and put their oil on my shelf for unknown future purposes. They say that the dealer/parts store gave them an alternative to the 504/507 is it is on "backorder". Fast forward to yesterday and I used up the rest of my stash on three vehicles. I was a liter short so headed to the dealer as it's close by. They did not have any 5W30 504/507. Said they have been getting about half their usual supply and it gets used up quickly in their service department. I ended up buying a quart of 0W30 504/507 as the viscosity of one of these mixed with 5 liters of 5W30 should be insignificant. What's the deal? Anyone else seeing anything like this? Specific grade/specification shortages?
My NAPA has both Valvoline XL-III and Mobil-1 ESP at their Atlanta warehouse and can deliver either to me by 2 PM of the day I order. I don't believe there's a shortage of lubricants.
NAPA is my go to when I need it now, usually. They currently only have way overpriced Liqui-Moly available, M1 ESP a day out. Like everyone else I can order and get it in a day or two. Same day....not so much. I also noticed the wax/polish aisle at my closest Walmart was pretty empty. Seeing where I live is at the end of the supply chain it can be a future indicator for other parts of the country. Time will tell.