4L60E - recommendations?

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Jun 2, 2006
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Time for a flush and fill. As much as I would like to put some Redline or Amsoil in there, 12qts is going to set me back too many $$.

So I'm looking for a good, preferably inexpensive synthetic that into which I would not have to add GM friction modifier. I just don't want to go to the dealer.
Valvoline Synthetic Dex VI. I think you can get it for 6 bucks a quart at NAPA. I don't know of any friction modifier you have to add unless you use a non Dex III or IV fluid and have to add the additive to make it a Dex III or IV fluid
I recently saw Amalie Universal Synthetic for under $4 a quart. It is also sold as Wolf's Head. It claims that it can be used in "virtually every A/T on the road today". I wouldn't have a problem using this in an older GM which spec'd Dex III.
I put Super Tech D VI in mine and have been happy so far. Its cheap less than $4 a quart and meets the Dex VI spec and is easy to get. I did several flush and fills on mine since it was so cheap.
Oops I had the diff on the brain when I mentioned the friction modifier. I went ahead with some Redline 75-90 for that.

Supertech and Valvoline are easy to get, thanks for the ideas!
Looks like I'll be heading off to Malwart.
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Chevron MD-3 (Dexron III), it's working well for me, and it's very inexpensive, just a little over $2 a qt. around me, not sure up north. I've used the Valvoline (pretty cheap WM) and that also worked well. Oh yeah, I have a 4l60e.
This is in a '96 Caprice 9C1 w/L99 engine.
Shoot, forgot you were looking for an cheap synthetic. Best price I've seen is the SuperTech Dex VI at Walmart (go figure). Last I saw, I think it was around $3.77/qt., hope this helps a little more.
I have had 2 4L60e's and I always used the cheapest supertech Dex III changed every 30-40k miles. Every so often I'd throw in a bottle of lubeguard red.

My last 4L60E was in an overworked (by my 24' travel trailer) Avalanche. On that truck I installed a big stacked plate trans cooler and a spin-on filter mount for a huge PH8A filter.

Never had any transmission trouble and my '98 K1500 had 180k miles on it when I sold it to a friend 3 years ago. It's still running very well.

Best thing you can do is keep the fluid cool and clean and change it regularly.
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Id run a dex VI, simple as that...

You couldn't go wrong with this advice. Dex VI is a real step up from Dex III.

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Originally Posted By: JHZR2
Id run a dex VI, simple as that...

You couldn't go wrong with this advice. Dex VI is a real step up from Dex III.
That's the problem with depending on Wal-Mart to have what you need at any given moment. If it's someting you know you'll use at some point, it may take several trips to buy enough quarts to stock for a complete change. Plan ahead or pay full price for essentially the same stuff elsewhere.
[censored] to the [censored] no, do not put any thing other then DEX III !!! just use regular kind work best, dont use syn
there seems to be debate using DEX VI in older 4l60es. However for a 4.3L L99 caprice, that will see regular use it would be fine. However "DEX III" will be just fine.
I tend to agree that a regular old DEX III fluid will work fine here. I am curious though as to the reason you seem against the idea of a synthetic ATF? Out of all the fluids in a vehicle, the ATF is one of the most neglected. And heat being the #1 enemy in a trans, a good synthetic only makes sense in most applications. If you extend the intervals a synthetic is a no brainer in my opinion. If he were to run a syn Dex III, I believe he would get better performance in every aspect.
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Let's see, better oxidation and heat resistance which keeps fluid from degrading as quickly. Better cold temp operation as well. Better viscosity retention usually, from better base oils and higher quality viscosity index improvers, when used. Usually higher quality friction modifiers that will retain friction characteristics longer to retain proper shift feel and shudder-free lock-ups.
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