4L60E Build

Jul 11, 2012
Edson, Alberta
Sonnax has never made bands, Alto used to make a good number of Sonnax Branded bands, But like every other manufacturer these days.....Probably can't keep up with demand, So Sonnax looked to other sources.

Though I'm almost certain Alto isn't/wasn't the supplier for the HD Kevlar Band that Sonnax, ATI, TCI, Summit, Jegs & a host of other retailers rebranded as their own....The one with white lettering on the friction material.
I realize that the Sonnax "Stock Photo" shows Sonnax printed on the friction material along with Heavy Duty Kevlar.....But I've never seen Sonnax printed on one in person.

What made you choose a straight Kevlar Band over a "Blended" Pro-Series Band?
Availability to me mostly- and I don't think anybody had anything bad to say about it. I'm sure the regular BW would have been fine except I have in hand the Sonnax servo's that would require the good anchor. Would you still recommend the Raybestos for street over the Sonnax wide band? I do have to say the Sonnax's descrption between this and their red version leaves a little to be desired.