4 ball wear test?

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When running the test with new oil, all factors are constant and controlled. Running used oil introduces all kinds of uncontrolled elements--engine efficiency, engine maintenance, egr working or not, various types of driving, etc. We can see some of this in the various posted oil analysis reports.
Speaking of 4 ball wear tests and its validity to engine lubrication rating, I have an incredible liquid that will post higher 4 ball wear numbers than any engine oil currently on the market. It is called Coca Cola. Coke is an unacceptable engine oil lubricant yet will post very high 4 ball wear numbers, significantly higher than any of the currently available engine oils. Point being, an engine oil that posts very high 4 ball numbers has no direct relationship to its performance as an engine oil lubricant.
We've all seen the 4 ball wear test figures supplied by Amsoil. I assume the test uses new oil. New oil is only new for a short period of time. Has anyone seen the test conducted with used oil?
I doubt Coke has any lubrication value or that any single test means a lubricate is superior. However, the liquid that collects on the top of Ketchup is the best lubricate known to man, for everything. The only problem is, how do you get 4 quarts of the stuff?
You know, I think this post deserves the sacrifice of a few timken bearings (Heck I'll buy the bearings) to some household food products. We can see how well Coca Cola fares against Pepsi [Big Grin] Perhaps see if cooking oil will outperform Mobil1? I think it might show some interesting results... Still [LOL!]
Hey, if we're testing household product's lubrication qualities, I've got a few things I can donate! We'll try out some of my son's baby food! The sweet potatoes look like 20w50! [LOL!]
Hey COCA COLA is easily procurable.......... and George says it does great on the 4ball........Amsoil uses 4 ball wear data to prove the superiority of the lubricant........???????..... Yes,Yes I think its our first ingredient! The "real thing". [Happy]
The ASTM 4172, four ball wear test is simply a quick and dirty way of looking at the boundary lubrication properties of an oil. Oil analysis is a much better way of seeing how the oil does in actual service. George is correct, the phosphoric acid in coke will keep a one armed bandit from ever seizing up [Smile] TooSlick
The four ball wear test is certainly a valuable tool for use in developing lubricants, especially greases. My sharing of the Coke (and Chlorine bleach is even better!) was to point out that taking just one/that test as an absolute indicator of how well an engine oil will perform or using it as a gauge to compare with other oils, well, let's talk about Coke's performance.... I have a 4 ball machine in our lab and definately use it for our own comparative work, in fact it is well used but I will not be talking about any results with it for the aforementioned reasons.. We get a lot of "hmmm, that is very interesting" from the 4 ball and other tests, but the proof is in field performance. I have 6 inches of scar tissue from making lab assumptions and then having the lubricant proceed to totally fail in field operations.. George
Well said George ! I was testing a new grease in CV joints at Sebring International Raceway in 1998 and had a bearing failure at the apex of turn 10 or Cunniningham corner while pulling 3.5Gs lateral ( no banking). No scars though. I sure was surprised that the well made component totally separated after using the grease as a cutting oil. No brands mentioned under severe penalty of law. [Patriot]
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