2022 WRX oil filter recommendations

May 15, 2012
The land of USA-made Subies!
Good to see people finally using alternative filters to the blue subie fram cans. I was told for years to stray from OEM would result in instant death. Although the shoddy cardboard construction is perfectly sufficient for my 3-4k OCI's I have been using XG7313's on my EJ motor for the last couple changes without catastrophic engine failure.
The XG3593A is a larger can, and the Napa Gold 7055 is a thread-end bypass filter that’s about 1/3 of the cost of the XG when it’s on sale. I’ve used all 3 and didn’t see a difference- but if you get the filters that use P-type gaskets instead of flat (I forget the brands that do this, sorry) it will protect against the usual weeping that the EJ seems to get with flat gaskets.

I have to wonder if the crazy-high oil pump flow is at least partially responsible for the seepage.


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Jul 22, 2010
Well yes, but I’d imagine the pressure is a function of the flow rate through a given set of orifices, right? [email protected] gallons
In an engine oiling system the resulting pressure vs engine RPM will be dependant on many factors. But the main factors are the overall oiling sytem design and the oil pump design and its pressure relief setting. The oil filter can only be pressurized to what the oil pump pressure relief is set to and operates at.

In a fluid system, you could have high flow with low pressure or low flow with high pressure .. could even have high pressure with zero flow. It all depends on the design of the fluid system. But the bottom line is fliuid leaks are caused by pressure, not flow, like in the pressure with zero flow example.