2021 Volvo VHD Triaxle with D13 has no Bypass Filter


Jun 13, 2017
Kitchener Ontario, Canada
Our 2021 Volvo VHD Triaxle Dump Truck purchased new came with only (2) Lube Filters. No Bypass Filter. The Volvo part number is 23151592. When we crossed the Volvo part number to Donaldson, we get a P582021, Beta 100, 99% @ 40 UM. We have higher efficient filter choices available for our 2002 Volvo VHD with D12C.

The previous gen D12 & D13 had a Bypass lube filter and 2 full flow filters, a (3) filter system. The bypass filter Volvo part number 21707132 on the previous gen engine was Beta 2 @ 5 UM and Beta 100, 99% @ 21 UM. We proved that this was an improved filtration system comparing to other manufacturers using OA and APC ISO 4406.

We are somewhat surprised that this 2021 VHD came without a Bypass Filter. Anyone have insight as to why no Bypass Filter on this D13? The other surprising find is that the (2) Full Flow filters on this 2021 D13 when crossed to Donaldson P582021 is Beta 100. 99% @ 40 UM. Seems like a step back in time. Donaldson usually gave us a better choice when looking for a higher efficient lube filter. On the previous gen D12 & D13, we crossed the two Volvo full flow filters (21707133) to a Donaldson DBL7483 which was Beta 100, 99%@15 UM. With this (3) Filter System, we have been getting ISO particle counts as low as 16/14/12 with this setup and running 60,000 miles/100,000 Kms OCI's. BN (TBN) are still above 3.0 with 100,000 kms on the oil, AN run 2.0 - 2.5.

On our 2002 Volvo VHD, we typically changed the oil and all three filters if BN drops below 3.0 or AN goes above 3.0. Please keep in mind this truck is in and out of gravel pits every day, the environment is the severe to say the least.

We just pulled our first oil sample at 1400 hrs on the new D13. Lube time is ~ 700 hours on the oil, its second oil change and awaiting the results. We are not optimistic that we will achieve anything close to ISO 4406, APC's at 16/14/12.

Another note of concern is that Volvo is recommending a 5W30 or 10w30 oil (Seems to depend on the service dealer or what they have on hand) for the 2021 VHD. We are in Ontario Canada. Anyone using a 15w40 or 5w40 on this new Volvo D13 for 2021 or newer engines? I know that environment and EPA is the hot concerns these days, but wondering about the concern for reliability? Thanks!
1- only 3 posts in 5 year? That, sir, is restraint!
2- Was there a question in all that? I suppose you wanted to know why Volvo didn't put a BP on this new truck? I'd have to say cost savings. They probably are counting on a relatively short OCI to reduce the risk factors.
3- Why a thinner oil? Many companies have been aware of the cost savings for lower fuel consumption which comes from a little less pumping losses. CAT has been doing 10w-30 for years now. There's no real proof that the thicker lubes are of any benefit; a 30 grade vs a 40 grade isn't something you can say will or will not assuredly make for less wear. The fuel savings for large fleets is tangible; it's proven. The wear issue isn't a clear cut slam dunk one way or another.

If you want a BP system, then by all means, install one and stretch out your OCIs. That's what BP systems are great at; maxizing the investment in your maintenance program.
I suppose you wanted to know why Volvo didn't put a BP on this new truck? I'd have to say cost savings. They probably are counting on a relatively short OCI to reduce the risk factors.

I would agree with this assessment. My company runs late model, current gen Freightliner Cascadia trucks with the DD15 and much to my surprise they only use one big coffee can size oil filter and no bypass that I am aware of. Recommended OCI is 54,000 miles and my company uses Rotella T6 15w40.

I was thinking about getting a new Volvo VNL 860 with the D13TC and running something like HPL 0w30 cold weather diesel motor oil. I have used Rotella T6 5w30 and Chevron Delo XLE 10w30 before with great results so I am not at all concerned about using an Xw30 lube in any of my diesel engines.
Most of the newer truck engines utilize a single lube filter...on the Cummins engines (X12 & X15), those Fleetguard lube filters are designed as combo filters (technically they are considered full flow), but there are two distinct sections of media where about 40% is nanofiber for high efficiency filtration that effectively serves as a bypass section. Our cross to the Volvo part you mentioned (23151592) is LF16465, FYI: https://www.cumminsfiltration.com/s...or 2020+ Volvo & Mack Trucks Half Card V2.pdf

Regarding the oil, the CK-4 and FA-4 oils are a lot more common for post 2017 HD engines; all kinds of fleets are out there running 5w30 or 10w30 grades since that is what the engine was designed to use. ~60% better resistance to oxidation, which is how these OEMs are able to establish such long ODI's these days. It all has to do with fuel efficiency and emissions compatibility. I wouldn't be concerned with using it on a 2021 engine.

Where do you guys send your oil samples? Have you ever heard about FleetguardFIT? Might be something worth looking into regarding TCO for your operation: https://www.cumminsfiltration.com/FleetguardFIT/
man i forgot they still made the d13

That is Volvo's primary heavy duty truck engine, it seems like they are going to feature turbo compounding on all D13 engines in the future.

It is a decent engine but like all other late model motors it is plagued by shoes with its emissions related systems.