2019 XC90 T6

Feb 13, 2023
Hi Y'all....long time member, but got locked out of my old account. We recently got a nice 2019 XC90 T6 CPO. Volvo recommends 10k oil changes, but with a 4cyl with a turbo and super charger, I will stick with 5k. This is our 3rd XC90. The 1st had a V8 and took M1 0w40, 2nd has the 3.2 and runs PP 5w30. This one can take 0w30 and I was considering the Pennzoil Euro 0w30. We are in Texas and it's a bit hot in the summer :ROFLMAO:. The dealership uses Castrol Professional 5w30. I have 3 free oil changes at the dealer, but only every 10k miles. So wanted to check with the crowd and see what ACEA A5/B5 would be best for this Swede Sled....thanks!
I'm an extended drain guy but even I wouldn't try it on an engine like that. Not worth the risk. Also i doubt the dealer would have issue with you wanting the oil changed sooner than they say. And pp 0w-30 is a bit hard to come by but really any modern sn plus or sp rated euro oil is guaranteed to not harm anything and be just fine if changed at reasonable intervals.

I would buy pp euro l 5w-30 since it's readily available for a reasonable though higher than before price at Walmart and will be just fine for it.
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