2018 Silverado 3500 100k review

May 1, 2012
She hit 100,000 miles today so she got spoiled when I got off work. Hand washed, ceramic coated, and a special tire dressing (Permashine)

In the first 100k miles, all she's needed was a new set of tires and an oxygen sensor. Love this truck!! MPG's are dismal at 11.6.... But she tows anything I hook her up to with ease.

This truck has the 6.0 gas with 6L90E transmission. She's also E85 Flex Fuel capable. Snow Prep package -- 220 amp alternator and skid plate. Factory bedliner and 5th wheel hitch also included.

I love the truck.. Yes, it rides a little rough unloaded. 85% of the time, I'm simply driving it to work (15 miles each way), running errands around town, or taking her on road trip to concerts, headed to Lake St. Claire to go fishing, or traveling to see family.

Maintenance has been--
Oil: 5k mile OCI's. Started with Renewable Lubricants 5w30 for the first 35k miles. Then 50k miles of running 4 quarts M1 5w30 EP + 2 Quarts M1 Racing 0w50. Now I'm running Redline 5w30. I've always run Royal Purple oil filters.

Tranny: 30k mile pan drop with fresh filter. Then a complete fluid exchange at 60k. Both pan drop, fresh filter, and complete exchange at 90k

Front and Rear Axles, and Transfer Case: Drained and filled at 40k and 90k

Brakes were disassembled, cleaned, and lubed in the Spring of 2020. Brake fluid exchange was done as well. This service will be completed again after this upcoming winter. Brakes are all currently still factory with plenty of life remaining.

Radiator flushed and refilled at 90k. New spark plugs as well at that time.

4 times I've run heavy doses of Gumout Regane High Mileage through it, followed up with 2 tanks of E85. I figured the solvency of the Ethanol might dissolve some deposits (maybe not?.... IDK)

This truck has been sprayed with Krown every fall since new by the best Krown installer on the planet: Rufus Kanagy in Grabil, IN. I have a case of the frame wax from Daubert that I touch up when needed. I also spray FF or Corrosion X HD in the worrisome/trouble spots (fender wells, etc)

Next week I'm having the dealership install a factory dual battery set up (with battery isolator and voltage regulator) Truck already has 220 amp alternator. A 3000 continuous watt (6000 watt peak) inverter will be installed in the cab as well.

I never have to worry about running out of truck. Highway driving is very comfortable. I love this truck!!

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Aug 3, 2017
Nice looking truck! Little heavy handed with the maintenance, IMO, but that's not a bad thing. Love the single cab/long bed setup, that's not something you see often! Did you factory order?

It seems like the 2500/3500's hold up better than the 1500's of that generation. Buddy of mine has a '16 1500 Denali, and he's had nothing but issues with it. By comparison: his previous '04 Z71 'burb was basically trouble free for 200k+ miles.
Aug 2, 2022
That 6L/6L90 combo is probably the most reliable powertrain ever put behind anything. You have many many great miles ahead of you in that thing. Beautiful truck. Always loved the thirsty iron block 6Ls. Bulletproof.

Of course the 5.3s and 4.8s were just as reliable in their own right. Until AFM showed up in 2007. 😢
Dec 28, 2014
I owned a 2018 Silverado with the 5.3 and basically followed the same maintenance type of plan, maybe even a little stricter - as I did the transfer case and diffs at 20,000 miles, pan drop and filter change on the tranny at 30,000 miles...but I did most of that because unlike the 3500, the 15000 was nowhere near as reliable as the 3500. I had problems with mine almost from day 1...oil consumption, tranny shudder, misfires, failed starter, frame rust, Chevy shake. And this was no towing, easy highway commuting miles.

The 3500 is a much different animal, wish I had that instead! Ended up trading my 1500 in after two years and 52,000 miles.
Dec 31, 2017
SE British Columbia, Canada
Thought I would chime in. I now have 240,000 miles on my 6L90. I had dealer pan drops with flushes at 50,100 and 150 K miles. I did my own pan drop at 230 K ( no flush). Since 200 K I’ve been pulling out a couple quarts each year and replacing it with more Dex 6.
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