2017 Subaru 2.5L Interval Question


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Oct 8, 2017
I have owned many subarus and about to get another. Starting way back with a 1990 Loyale thru many Impreza Wagons, a Justy, an SVX(!), various Foresters and now a base Outback.

The EJ and the FB 2.5 use oil and I think for different and varied reasons - some of them improperly drilled valve guide pilot holes(TSB), some ring and piston design(TSB) , and many just a healthy PCV scavenging on a crankcase design that puts the crank and rod bearing spillage close to the vacuum side of the PCV.

I would hazard a guess your usage is just PCV related - unless you have been seeing excessive consumption in regular commuting prior to these trips. The PCV are usually clean as a whistle if you regularly change your oil - so no use changing it.

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- 1987 Subaru Justy Brochure cover courtesy of Import Archive
Good info. Yeah the normal RPM commuting drives on relatively flat roads don't seem to consume much, if any, oil.