2017 Sentra SR Turbo Oil Recommendation

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Jan 21, 2018
Looking for an oil recommendation for my 2017 Nissan Sentra sr turbo. This has the same GDI motor that the new juke has and Nissan calls for 0w-20. So far I have put on 25K in the last year with mostly highway driving. I do tend to have a heavy foot when on the back roads and I'm looking at a possible performance tune in the future. My father has spent a lot of time on here and recommended I use Castrol Magnatec 5w-30. Ive so far been using the Magnatec 0w-20 and 5w-20. I plan on sticking to the factory OCI of every 5k for the meantime. But i know these GDI motors can be tricky so thats why I'm here. What's the best oil for these GDI's and what viscosity should I use. I also should note I live in the northeast so we see temps climb above 100 in the summer and bellow 0 in the winter.
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If staying with factory recommended viscosity, anything meeting dexos1Gen2 would be my choice, and GTX Magnatec does. If Nissan offers alternative viscosity recommendations like 5w30, i might go that route if I'm always on the gas. Once tunned (and possibly out of warranty because of it), I'd switch to an ACEA A3/B4 (Castrol, Mobil1, or Pennzoil Platinum 0w40, STP Euro 5w40). welcome
If they call for a 0W-20, I'd run Mobil 1 EP 0W-20 which is probably mostly a PAO base oil... I just hope they don't [censored] up the intake manifold gaskets like they did on the '03 SE-R SPEC-V's. It won't make any difference what oil you run in that case (sigh**))).. Sorry, a bit bitter...
Although 0w20 is recommended, Nissan gives you an out, if you're looking for one. From section 10-7 of the Owners Manual...
That's all fine, I wouldn't be a bit scared to run a quality 0W-20 though because obviously they have an oil cooler on this thing anyways...
Thanks for the info guys. I think I'm gonna go with the 5w-30 till i void the warranty and then look at switching to 0w-40 when that happens. As for the actually oil decsion is any particular oil better at lowering the risk of LSPI (lots of highway driving) as well as helping with those carbon deposits on the valves(thinking the 4-5k OCI helps with that)?
All of the Dexos gen 2 approved oils helped with that problem. I'd go with Valvoline Modern Engine 5w30 or Valvoline Advanced full synthetic 5w30 or Castrol Magnatec 5w30 as long as they had the Dexos gen 2 approval on them. They have dropped the calcium in them that helps prevent LSPI.
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Anything with the dexos1Gen2 logo on the bottle would be fine. That certification is squarely aimed at reducing LSPI and improving timing chain wear. Some would argue Mobil1 has always been ahead on this since their ILSAC oils have always been low Calcium, higher Magnesium than others. But that's conjecture. Oils meeting this spec... http://www.centerforqa.com/dexos-brand2015/
I, too, own a Nissan. At 5k, the oil thins out A LOT. SO stick to Manufacturer OCI and Oil recommendation. Believe me, it is worth it because you will actually feel the difference. For some reason Nissan likes to make all engines high-rev with small displacement. Any oil thins out in these Nissan engines.
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I'm not in love with the new magnetic 5w30 Synthetic. Engine is very noisy at high rpm. The semi worked better for me in the same engine. Ran both. 175HP QER25DE motor. In the spring Id run 10w30 QSUD - Its The best "synthetic" Ive run in the past decade. if you don't have a lot of engine noise and the motor revs up fine, stay with current 20 grade. If it gets noisy when hot, substitute 1 or 2 qts 20 grade of the total sump with a 30 of same brand and range. LPSI? - run good premium gas. Good luck finding fresh and good premium; fresh and good seem to be at a "premium" around MY parts. You would think that engine would need a stout 30 grade.
Does the wording still allow 5w-30 like previous Nissan and Infiniti manuals? If so, given the previous wording, an E6 5w-30 lubricant like Shell Rotella T6 Multi-Vehicle 5w-30 or Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5w-30 would fit the requirements, both having reduced phosphorus, elevated HTHS, and the SN specification.
So I went and found Castrol Magnatec 5w30 (with new dexos gen 2 formula) at wallyworld and threw on a wix filter. I'd be [censored] if my car isnt running quieter at idle(maybe even smoother) as well as at high rpms compared to the 5w-20 and 0w-20. I'm gonna run a UOA on the old oil and what I'm running now and make my decision after. I've never noticed a difference in how a car runs on different oil till I got this car. But that's comparing it to a older Honda civic.
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I had a 2013 Juke (lease) and ran conventional 5w30 in it (ok'd in the manual). It ran fine, but I've never seen an engine turn oil black so quickly no matter the brand. If I owned it, I would have run a synthetic in it for sure.
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