2016 VW Beetle Classic Transmission

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Aug 3, 2007
Festus MO
We just bought a 2016 VW Beetle Classic 1.8 TSI, I was looking through the maintenance schedule and didn't see any scheduled maintenance for the automatic transmission, only the DSG. Does anyone know what transmission is in the car? Is it an O9G? Would that transmission not be serviced at 60K for best life??
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I don't know this for 100%, but I don't think VW uses a DCG in their base engine models. They never used it in conjunction with the 2.5L engine and I don't think they use it with the 1.8L TSI mill in North America. Having said that, I would still service the ATF. Dump it at 10k and 60k changes afterwards.
Right it's not a DSG, it's just a regular 6 speed auto. Seems to be a pretty good transmission as far as drivability are they pretty decent as far as service life? VW has been using that transmission for a long time that's why I ask about it I didn't know if it was an updated transmission or still the same O9G they have been using for years. But BTOG users never disappoint in there knowledge.. One more think, the Beetle we bought used from a Chevy dealer with 4k miles on it, they changed the oil with 5w30 AC Delco Synthetic, do you think I should dump it quick for some 502 approved oil which I have or run it out for a few thousand miles? We've only put a couple hundred miles on it.
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In a turbo VW you want spec oil, the old 2.0 slow would work with any old swill but not this one.
I will dump it tomorrow then, that will be the first chance I get.
That engine has some very unique features like the use of aluminum bolts. Be very careful to pay attention to torque settings and absolutely use never seize when installing aluminum bolts in aluminum parts or block. New they will be most likely coated with something but once removed coatings usually are gone. If I know VW they will be recommending replacing every bolt removed for repairs.
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