2016 GX 460

Nov 27, 2016
No Where
Sold the 19 4Runner (dealership offered $7k over what I bought it for) back in May 2022. Found a local one owner 16 Lexus GX 460 Luxury with 59k and all the off-road goods(crawl control etc). I’m enjoying it so far it is very quiet and rides comfortably fit and finish seems much better than the 4R. MPG is the same 19mpg avg.
Oil states 0w-20 with 5w-20 if needed but no other options. I have some 0w-40 Mobil 1 left over and plan to use it up on the next change. Will continue with 5,000 mile oil changes as the previous owner did religiously.
My vote goes to M1 0W-40 for the length of your ownership. Or any other Porsche A40/MB229.5 rated oil, if M1 availability ever becomes an issue.
The GX is what I cross-shopped for back in 2017 before buying my MDX. Rock solid vehicles. Best of luck with it.
My wife had a 2014 that was trouble-free but I don’t think we ever got 19 mpg in it. If I didn’t have 3 kids I’d still have it. Great vehicles, enjoy!