2015 Subaru Impreza update

Mar 14, 2003
Thought l would give an update after 5 years of ownership. I purchased the 5 door version in limited trim in July of 2015 for about $22k.

Current mileage: 75,xxx

Maintenance and repairs:
  1. Oil and filter every 6 to 7k
  2. Replaced air filter and CAF every other oil change.
  3. Replaced spark plugs with OEM NGK at 60k
  4. Replaced brake light switch at 30k with a new one that cost $15. I think there is a recall for this issue. My dashboard was lighting up with fault codes and the solution on YouTube was to replace the switch.
  5. Replaced brakes and rotors at 60k miles
  6. Replaced PCV valve at 60k miles.
  7. Installed Bridgestone Ecopia tires at 40k. Hit too many deep potholes and had sidewall bubbles on 2 tires. Replaced all 4 tires prematurely at 70k with Kumho TA-71 (205/50/17)
  8. Installed Costco interstate battery after 4 years.
  9. Replaced headlights and taillights at 70k although all were still working.
  10. Replace wiper blades annually.

Stuff l want to do but haven't done yet:
  1. Replace differential fluid.
  2. Flush and change coolant.
  3. Change CVT fluid.
  4. Rotate the tires.
  5. Replace brake and steering fluids
Overall assessment: Car is built well and is holding up nicely. The CVT provides decent mileage, with lackluster performance. The AWD handles well in the snow. I haven't had to add oil between changes.

Things l don't like:
- The "key stuck in ignition" problem happens once every few months. I can remove it by turning the steering wheel. It is an annoyance knowing that it will keep on happening intermittently and one day l may not be able to remove the key from the ignition.
- Low seating position. I probably should have gotten a Crosstrek for easier entry and exit.
- Not too much cargo room.
- Hate having to replace tires in sets of 4 on the AWD vehicles. I'm seriously considering a Honda, Toyota, or Mazda FWD as my next purchase.
- Wind noise at highway speeds. A big improvement over my previous Forester, but definitely not in luxury car category.

Overall, l am happy with it. Not happy about the ignition issue and the response l received from SoA. l probably need to step up my maintenance game a bit if l want to achieve my goal of hitting 150k miles without a major repair.


Aug 6, 2018
It is the previous generation Impreza before they introduced the new engine. The new ones are noticeably quieter. It sounds like a nice reliable car what you changed are service items. What are you getting for MPG? I am surprised you don’t rotate the tires every oil change though. That way they wear evenly and you are not buying sets of tires. I would not have replaced the headlights or taillights unless one failed. They are very good cars. Impreza has the highest resale value of any car right now. The cargo room of the Impreza hatchback is identical to the Crosstrek.
Aug 23, 2010
you are doing well for sure, better than many as i feel subies are over rated + most FWD's do well in snow especially with the right tyres + snow 4 tyres are right if in the snow belt. i wish you continued good LUCK!!