2015 Hyundai Sonata oil leak

Nov 23, 2003
My Dad owns a 2015 Sonata with the 2.5. He brought his car to the dealer to have the stolen car recall done. I guess it’s some download and window decals. While the car was there the tech noticed an oil leak from the timing cover. My 79 year old Dad told them the car is still under warranty. The advisor said oh, that’s right. The car was ready for pick up by the end of the day. The car only has 33,000 miles on it. My parents live in the Socal desert where the summer temps are 100 degrees for a good 3-4 months of the year.

I watched a youtube video on replacing the front crank shaft on this 2.5 and it looks pretty time consuming. The valve cover and timing cover need to be removed. I don’t know if the oil pan does or not? I could see this being over $1500 easy if they had to pay for it.

2015 would be 2.4/2.0 theta-2 engines, along with 1.6t and not the newer 2.5

33k seems low for a leak but it has been in service for 8 years now. I would look at the oil brand/grade and change history since the next leak will probably be out of warranty, unless the engine seizes and is covered by some extended class action lawsuit warranty.
It does annual oil changes with whatever synthetic oil that Walmart has on sale at that time.
It does annual oil changes with whatever synthetic oil that Walmart has on sale at that time.
At the dealer 6 weeks ago. Stolen out of your parent’s driveway 6 weeks later. Coincidence? Just wondering. Maybe you should ask that service advisor where Dad can pick up his golf clubs..no questions asked.
My wife (2015 Sonata 2.0t limited) and I were just in a Hyundai Stealership this week. DON"T BELIEVE a word that they say!! This Stealership told my wife about 20 different lies about what her car DIDN'T need! I've thought about writing it all up and posting the story, along with the pictures showing that her car didn't need to repairs that the stealership claimed but it would take a lot of time. My wife bought the car there NEW and paid extra for the 100,000 miles 10 warranty but NOTHING was covered by the warranty. Get your parent's car back and go look at it yourself to see if it needs repairs or go take it to honest (or less greedy) repair shop.

Just ONE example from my wife's car: New 1 year battery at Hyundai was $196. A new 4 year full warranty AGM battery from Walmart was $169.

They also told my wife that she needed new sparkplugs (@45,000 miles) for almost $200. They claimed that they inspected the spark plugs and that they had a coating of ash on them. The SPs have a Coil on Plug over the top pf them and when I pulled the engine cover off, I could clearly see that the COPs had never been taken off so the SPs had never been taken out and checked. Ditto, the Stealership said that the tops of the pistons were dirty and that the engine needed some kind expensive "treatment". Of course, unless they took the spark plugs out, there's no way that they could examine the tops of the pistons. The list of LIES goes on and on and one!
Oops. I see that this was originally an old post. But for anyone that owns a Hyundai, you need to heed my warning!
2015 Sonata. At the dealer 6 weeks ago. Stolen out of the driveway 6 weeks later. Coincidence? Just wondering.
I keep hearing that some dealers can't get parts from their factories. Maybe this dealer decided to find his own supply? Considering how many other ways that they STEAL from their customers it wouldn't surprise me.