2013 Toyota Corolla Oil Change Interval

Feb 16, 2010
There may be for some and that's perfectly fine. With a lot of highway driving, I don't see the need to inspect the vehicle every couple of months. A few service visits a year coupled with a state safety inspection (if applicable), are fine.

I don't think his daughter is going to buy a Mityvac for oil changes. I know my daughter wouldn't. LOL
Remember, Dad is only recommending an interval. Heck, if she's like my kid, I'd tell her 5K and I'd see her at 10K anyway. I will give her credit though as her OLM hit 0% last week and she stopped by this weekend.
dont need a myti, a shopvac with a 1/2" hose and a gallon jug or 2 will do it just fine (smaller hoses R slower flow but will do it.) . google it. shopvac/vacuum cleaner oil change.
many ways to keep the vac clean and its filter safe from oil abound. its a bit of ingenuity in exchange for elbow grease but its an alternative to jack, mess, pouring a panful, etc. magnet in the oil pan (drain plug) collects ferrous metal, check every 2-3 changes or so.
pop cant do this from afar and if he's young and inexperienced on recips, her BF (no gender bigotry intended- this is just an innocent presumption) possibly isnt that aware. DAD is a great teacher by example and she probly wishes BF would get to be as auto-aware as he is also.
lots of ways to keep her auto $ in pocket. tell BF to get online and read BITOG.
Mar 18, 2014
Eastern PA.
Toyota/Scion stated 10k mi. changes are OK on that gen 1.8 with 0W20 only allowed. I don't think that's too crazy if the OP's daughter is doing nearly all highway driving. If there's a big dose of gridlock driving in the mix I would do shorter OCI's. I have the same engine in my '13 Scion XD. I change once a year on mine, which is only about 5k mi. Nearly all local driving though.

I have the 5k mi. reminder on the 2013 car. Strictly a mileage counter, nothing more.