2013 Sportster Primary/Trans UOA 10K mi RL MT-90

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Jul 10, 2004
Indiana (IN)
Year: 2013 Model: XL1200C Miles: 15000 miles on fluid:10000 Fluid used: Red Line MT-90 Stock or modified: Engine, intake, exhaust all stock clutch type: Screamin' Eagle Performance Clutch Kit-38002-04 Performance clutch kit converts the 8-plate clutch to a 9-plate design. The surface area is increased by 13%, and the spring rate is increased by 10% for a combination that can handle over 115 ft-lbs of torque at the crank. Kit includes Kevlar®-based friction discs and performance clutch spring Trans fluid history- 1000 mile service - clutch adjustment HD SYN3 used 3150 miles - new Screamin' Eagle Performance clutch installed - HD SYN3 fluid 5000 miles service - clutch adjustment Red Line MT-90 fluid (this UOA) Blackstone Comments- There's some extra metal and silicon here, but we're thinking that those are just residual materials from this transmission's wear-in. The high wear is from the parts developing their tolerances, while the silicon comes from harmless sealers used during assembly. A lot of this should wash out with this change in fluid. Universal averages show typical wear levels for this type of Harley Davidson transmission after ~5,700 miles on the oil. The viscosity was a bit thick, but we don't think that's a problem. Check back to start building trends. My comments- I haven't found very many Harley Sportster transmission/Primary UOAs. Another Forum lists a couple. The Red Line MT-90 should have a 100 C viscosity of 15.6 cSt. So it didn't thicken, it sheared just a little. I'm not sure if Blackstone was thinking it was Mt-85, 12.0 cST, or MTL, 10.4 cSt. The dealer did use a little silicone on the clutch inspection cover gasket when the clutch was installed. Maybe they also used some on the Primary cover, I haven't taken it off. This run was started with about 2000 miles on the new clutch so a little more iron from the new steel plates wouldn't be unusual. I ended up with about the the universal averages for iron with almost twice the miles.
2013 XL1200C

Total miles	15000
Miles on oil	10000
Date 		3/26/2016
Oil Brand       Red Line 
Type             MT-90

                                                     Universal averages  
ALUMINUM          82                                     9
CHROMIUM           0                                     1
IRON              58                                     51
COPPER	          21                                     6
LEAD               2                                     1
TIN                0                                     1
MOLYBDENUM        16                                     189
NICKEL             1                                     0
MANGANESE          1                                     1
SILVER             0                                     0
TITANIUM           0                                     0
POTASSIUM          2                                     5
BORON            137                                     160
SILICON           49                                     18
SODIUM             2                                     8
CALCIUM	        2922                                     2458
MAGNESIUM        109                                     121
PHOSPHORUS      1953                                     1086
ZINC            2199                                     500
BARIUM             0                                     0
SUS @ 210F                77.2
cSt Viscosity @ 100C	 14.83
Flashpoint F              440
Fuel %                  
Antifreeze %              
Water %                  0.0
Insolubles	%        TR
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