2012 Lincoln Navigator 5.4 engine oil

Hi everyone, please can you help me to choose the right oil for my '12 Lincoln Navigator 5.4 3v engine with only 50k miles driven.

The issue is I live in Russia and most US oils which are "API SP" or "ILSAC certified" are almost not available to me. The recommended 5w-20 (M2C945-A) is also rare oil in our shops, and I heard that 5w-30 is much better for that engine due to VVT issues.

I have second truck, which is 2000 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC, where I use Shell Helix Ultra 5W-30 within 8 years, almost 300k km and I never opened an engine heads, it just runs fine. However, there's no Ford approvals on Shell Ultra, it is A3/B4 oil best suited for VW and Mercedes, and kinematic viscosity at @100 is about 12 points, which makes it viscosity near to 5w-40 as I understood....so I'm not sure that 5.4 engine can be filled with that oil.

Thought about getting Shell Helix AF 5w-30 (with specs for EU Ford M2C913C/D), but as I know this is not GTL or PAO based... Also can get Mobil 1™ X1 5W-30 or Valvoline Synpower FE5W-20\ Petro Canada Supreme Synthetic 5w-30.

Many thanks!

I've got both a Navigator with the 5.4 and a Mercury Mountaineer (Ford Explorer) with the 4.0 SOHC.
I wouldn't worry too much about the oils, but I do like the Mobil 1 or the Valvoline. I'd be more concerned about maintaining them when needed.
You've obviously done okay with your 4.0 SOHC as there are many of those engines here in North America that didn't make it that far before they had tensioners and timing chain problems.
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The 5.4 has a few issues that are mitigated by the use of higher viscosity oils. The oil pump backing plate is sheet metal and leaks oil. The timing chain tensioners are plastic and leak oil. The result is that non synthetic 5W-20 may provide inadequate oil flow to the left cylinder head under warm conditions. Leading to camshaft, follower, phaser and head (really cam bearing) failures.

The solution here in the Southern part of the USA is to use at least 10W-30 synthetic, with as high an HTHS as you can find. I use Mobil 1, 10W-30 EP or HM in my 2009 5.4. 150,000 miles and experience no problems. In cooler climates, a quality synthetic 5W-30 with a high HTHS will work well. Many fleet operators with the 5.4 are using Rotella T6, 5W-40 (diesel oil) and are well over 400,000 miles of good service.

I'm not at all sure the specs matter in this case. The problem is extremely low viscosity oils leak internally at high rates and lead to oil starvation and phaser damage. The classic sign is a loud knocking. (they all knock, but when it's stupidly loud, it's been starved for oil or operated with dirty oil)

Change your oil frequently. The long timing chains will thank you.


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Thanks for your answers, that really helps! Always change oil in all cars every 5-10k km, as our driving conditions are not so friendly because of dirty roads and really cold winters. I think I will choose between staying with Shell or trying Mobil.

Agree, never stick with manufacturer specs, just used the correct viscosity, thought may be for engines like 5.4 that doesn't work

What is also interesting, and may be also proves that this newer W20 viscosity is here for emissions is that I compared US and RUS owners manual for Lexus LX570 with the same engine: 3UR-FE , so for US manual says to use 0W20, while RUS manual says you can choose between 0W20, 5W20, and 5W30... Can't compare FoMoCo 5.4 manuals just because it is not sold in our country by official dealers