2010 Escape Driver's seat Bolt/Nut sizes?

May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I need to remove my driver's seat. so In the pic below, 1 and 3 (fronts are called BOLTS while the rear 2 are called NUTS in that diagram).

I tried as hard as I could on the WWW but couldn't find info re: the SIZE and type of Bolts for the front, and the SIZE and type of "nut" for the rear.

This is a 2010 Escape, Driver;s power seat.

Thanks, IA

[Linked Image from nicksmustangranch.com]
I believe the front are 15mm bolts. Not sure what the rear size is. Be careful and remember to depower the car so the airbags do not explode.
bdadmirals' answer is technically correct, in that a bolt is described by its thread diameter and pitch.

OP probably wants the head socket sizes.
On my 2010 Escape I had to remove the bolts at the front of the passenger seat to install my Ram Mount for my laptop. It uses a large Torx, I forget what size. But anyway I replaced it with a regular hex bolt because I remove it and reinstall it quite frequently.
I really don't get these threads. How hard is it to look at the bolt on your car and try a few sockets on it?

On a 2004 F-250 the front bolts are T-55 Torx and the back nuts 19mm.
Thanks everyone.
The driver's seat doesn't have the Torx. (only the passenger seat does and it 's a Torx PLUS 55, not a regular Torx on the Escape) That info is somehow readily available on the the web, but for the driver's side, was not the case.

The reason I asked was I DID try the sockets I had and none of them matched the front bolts. I also noticed i am missing 2 sockets from my toolbox. So I thought I'd better check the size to be sure I am borrowing / getting the correct sockets I need.

Again, thanks for everyone's answers - i think I can now have a good ballpark idea of what sockets I will need, very probably a 15mm as several have said, for the fronts.
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