2009 and 2011 hyundai accent oil

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Feb 8, 2010
I have a 2009 accent and was advised on this website to use mobile 1 synthetic 10w30. My mother just bought a 2011 hyundai accent with 11900 miles on it. Should I use the same oil in hers since it's still a relatively young engine? My engine had 8600 miles on it when I bought the car and it's running fine now with almost 50k on it. I change it every 5k miles, oil seems dirty-is that normal for synthetic oil to be dirty after 5k miles?
Both engines spec 5w20, not 10w30. The color of oil is not indicative of how dirty it is. Mobil 1 would work fine in your mother's car as well.
Synthetics normally have a lot of detergents and they hold the contaminants in suspension. In my experience, Synthetics get dark after a few thousand miles. As long as it doesn't feel gritty, I wouldn't worry. I just look at it like, better the dirt goes with the used oil rather than building up in the engine. Good Luck.
Dont worry about the 5w20 and stay with the 10w30. You could try 5w-30 that meets Honda HTO-06. Stick with ONE brand if possible dont switch around - that will also give you the benefit of the free engine warranty. 5w20 sacrifices durability for a tiny gas mileage improvement.
5w30 is absolutely fine and would probably be a better choice anyway. The Mobil 1 or Pennzoil Platinum or Ultra would be great lubes to run. Whatever you prefer. (M1 0w30 will work well also)
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Use what the manufacturer recommends, especially if it's still under warranty.
+1....Manufacturer recommends 5w20.....use 5w20 on both vehicles. Thinner oils have multiple advantages...which have been posted here many, many times on this forum. Either M1 or PP....both are excellent oils...that you can't go wrong with.
Why not just run Motorcraft 5w-20 in the 5qt jugs from Wallyworld? You would save a ton of money and your engines will be fine running a semi-synthetic... It's what I run in my 2011 Elantra with 5k OCI's, even though Hyundai says go 7500 miles between oil changes. Heck, all the 2012 Fords running Motorcraft 5w-20 have gone to 10k oil change intervals.
Thanks everyone, is there a consensus on what I would use in both cars-lots of different opinions? And if I switch from 10w30 to 5w20 when I have almost 50k on my engine, will that hurt the engine? And if I switch to Motorcraft or PP will it hurt the engine? Just want to do what's best for both engines. I only have 10k miles left on the warranty but my Mom has 48k left on her warranty.
If the car has been running 10w-30 DONT GO LIGHTER at this point. Carry on. 20 is speced for CAFE fuel mileage tests only not for durability.
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If the car has been running 10w-30 DONT GO LIGHTER at this point. Carry on. 20 is speced for CAFE fuel mileage tests only not for durability.
So why are you running 0W-20 in your vehicles, and not 10W-30?
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