2007 Jetta Oil Recommendations?

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Jul 7, 2014
Georgia, USA
My son has a 2007 Jetta with a 2.5L engine. The car has 99K miles on it and he drives about 12K a year. We live in Georgia.

VW calls for 5W-40 synthetic oil. On his last oil change, he took it to WalMart and I just noticed they put in Castrol HM EB 5W-20.

I'm not sure why that put that specific weight oil in there but I'm going to switch him back to 5W-40 on the next change.

Any specific recommendations from anyone that owns a similar car? Would there be any benefit to go to a 0W-40 instead?

Also, I'm a little confused about high, mid, and low SAPS. Any thoughts about that?

Wait, is that 5w20 still in there? If so CHANGE IT! Go with M1 0w40 from here on out. Your car, and wallet will thank you =)
Switch to 5w40 or 0w40 A3/B4 oil ASAP. This 5w20 is not doing any favor to your son's engine.
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Since you're at WalMart already, get either Mobil 1 0W-40 or Castrol Edge 0W-40. Either are suitable for your VW 502 recommended oil. Go with the cheaper one.
Any time a car calls for a 40 weight oil, I immediately think of M1 0w-40 and Rotella T6 5w-40. Both of them have shown to be excellent oils that offer excellent protection and hold up well.

Additionally Castrol's 0w-40 is newer, but seems to be doing well and getting high praise from people who used it. Also M1 TDT 5w-40 also seems popular amongst people who need a 40 weight oil for their vehicle.

If it were my Jetta, I'd use one of the four oils I just mentioned.
2.5L motor requires VW 502 oil. M1 0W-40 is your easiest and perhaps best bet.

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Thanks for all the feedback.

I would like to know if or why 0W40 would be better than 5W40. Any thoughts about that?
It's better because it's cheaper.

Jokes aside, theoretically, 0w-40 flows better at very low cold starting temps. In Georgia, it's probably irrelevant though. 5w-40 will do just as well.

However, the only readily available (at retail) 5w-40 oil that meets the vw spec is Castrol 5w-40, and looking at its specs, it is an inferior product to something like M1 0w-40 or even Castrol 0w-40.
When I look at European oils, I see there's high, mid, and low SAPS. Any advice about those kind of choices from anyone?
Mid/low SAPS oils are primarily meant for diesel engines with modern emissions systems (DPF). I would not use them in your gasoline engine, unless maybe if it was a DI engine. But your 2007 Jetta 2.5 does not have a DI engine.
My 2.5's diet consist of Rotella T6 5w40 throughout the year. I live in the South so winters are never a major concern for me anyways. It's not on the VW 502 approval list, but my car is not in warranty anymore anyways. I always stock up when it's on sale for about $20. 3, gallon jugs will last two oil changes. Change that 5w20 out ASAP, the 2.5 is known for using oil in the upper miles anyways, I can only imagine how much it would use with 5w20. Do yourself a favor and buy a Hazet 2169 oil filter tool and do it yourself. Buy a torque wrench and torque the housing to 19-20ft lbs.

I was never fond of the Castrol Edge 5w40. In the winter times with my short trips condensation would form on the oil cap. Went with T6 and hasn't done it since. Could be a fluke, but just posting my findings.
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When I look at European oils, I see there's high, mid, and low SAPS. Any advice about those kind of choices from anyone?

Again, your VW specifies VW 502 rated oil. It's really not more complicated than that. M1 0W-40 will cover it. If you don't want to run that, find another oil with the VW 502 approval.

So, I changed my son's oil last night and discovered that not only did Walmart put in the wrong oil, they also failed to remove the filter o-ring. They just crammed another one in there instead of removing the old one! Unbelievable.
Castrol EDGE 0w40 $21.66
Mobil 1 0w40 $22.66
@ WMart
Enjoy the VDub
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