2004 Mazda 3

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Oct 9, 2005
I am looking at purchasing a 2004 Mazda 3 with the 2.0L engine and auto trans with 192k miles. It seems in good shape with the following exception. It will not shift up to 3rd from 2nd. Does not matter if in D or M. the Check Engine light is on and the code is either P0726 or P0762. (I just cannot remember which) Also EVAP and EGR are showing as incomplete on my scanner when I checked.

What would be the most likely problem(s) with the symptoms of not shifting into 3rd and either of the codes I mentioned. The person who owns it says it is a shift solenoid and he will get it fixed next week. I told him I would be glad to look at it again then. How long does it take for the EGR and EVAP systems to show as complete or throw a code if a problem? Anything else specific to the model/year I should be checking?

I know a lot of questions so thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
Could be the solenoid, however I would take into serious consideration if you want a car that has a transmission problem. Even if it gets fixed, there is always the chance it is something else. Plus you should think about why the owner is selling it. I am sure it is because of that problem. Cheers and good luck getting an awesome deal on the Mazda! They are sweet little cars
200k and a transmission that doesnt shift right?? PASS!!!!!!

If you are still thinking about it.. go light 2-3000$ on fire watch it burn.. and you probably wasted less money than buying this...
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^^^Absolutely! Run as fast as you can.

If it's being driven around like that the trans could be toast.

I bet they are NOT a cheap rebuild...
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