2003 Silverado diff change - magnet?

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Jun 21, 2009
When I changed the rear diff lube on my Silverado, I pried off the magnet to clean it without noticing that it was glued on with silicone. I placed the magnet back on the bump on the cover and put it back together without gluing back on. Should I worry about this? I have images of the magnet getting dislodged from the cover and getting ground up and magnet particles with wear particles becoming stuck to the gears.The magnet is one of those rubbery ones.
It's already been destroyed. It's made out of magnetic powder bound in the plastic just so if it comes loose it wont damage the ring & pinion. There is a chance it stuck to the diff cover, but very unlikely. Put another one in next change.
I was thinking, if your truck is the era where a round magnet is placed with the center hole over the bump, then you are okay and it's still there. I was thinking Dodge/Dana earlier.
Shame the whole cover couldnt be magnetized.Imagine the stuff that could attract!
I serviced such a diff in my neighbor's 03 Silverado. I removed the magnet, cleaned out the inside of the diff, changed the fluid and called it good. I didn't bother replacing the magnet. I figure that the magnet mostly picks up the break-in debris. After the first service, there isn't as much debbris generated.
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