2003 Ford CVPI, 86kmi, 6kmi on Edge HM Ti 5W30

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Aug 15, 2006
Central Washington
85,500 miles on the car. I couldve gone farther but I am taking a trip to Las Vegas here in a few days and didnt want to worry about it. I probably couldve gotten the 2500 miles out of it, but I was itching to get conventional in it. Switched to Pennzoil HM 5W30 because an acquantance says dino will turn to gelatin after only a few thousand once it gets cold. Well, Im going to throw 2,500 miles on it and come back in January and we will see if the motor grenades. Im expecting the first key up in the morning once I get back to have no oil pressure. WINKWONK
Iron		15
Chromium	0
Nickel		0
Aluminum	5
Copper		2
Lead		1
Tin		0
Silicon		8
Sodium		5
Potassium	0
Titanium	24
Molybdenum	87
Boron		81
Magnesium	738
Calcium		1424
Phosphorous	634
Zinc		805
Fuel		<1 - Estimated
Soot		<.1
Water		<.1 - FTIR
Visc		[email protected]
TBN		3.48
Oxid		12
Nitr		11
In all seriousness I probably will just stick with conventional from here on. Synth isnt doing anything for me so, might as well just run dino and save the money. Oh, I will note that though the oil only had 6k the filter had 12k because I reused it. I did change it this time mainly due to the change of oil type. Previous UOA
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Apr 15, 2017
Napa, CA.
Even "conventionals" are mostly blends... I think you're overthinking it wink But hey, I'm jealous you have a Vic. I shoulda kept mine laugh
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