2003 Accord flush/oil change

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Feb 1, 2008
I recently changed the oil in my new Accord and used amsoil engine flush prior to pouring in the asm 0w-20. the car was previously services by the dealership with honda 5w-20 for all 98,000 miles. I am thinking maybe i should have ran a "cheap" oil in it for a while, then dumped that to make sure all of the solvents from the flush are out....maybe my OCD is just overwhelming me!
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After using any flush, I run cheap oil for few hundred miles then put the good stuff in.
Originally Posted By: Snafu
After using any flush, I run cheap oil for few hundred miles then put the good stuff in.

I think he's concerned that he has contaminated his new load of Amsoil with the leftover flush. Pablo or Gary would be the ones to answer that.

Snafu, only 5 posts in 3 years? Impressive show of restraint
Why did you feel the need to run the Amsol cleaner in the first place? It seems you're lurching from one OCD moment to the next.

If you're really worried, drain the Amsol into a clean container, then throw it into the oven at 300 degrees (F!) or so overnight. That ought to boil off any volatile nasties. I take no responsibility for a stunk-up kitchen!
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The residule solvent should be quite minimal compared to what is experienced by normal fuel dillution, or driving with a CEL. Just run a modest 10k miles and you will be fine.
I had a bottle left over from a previous vehicle and just decided why not use it even though the internals appear spotless looking through the oil fill cap. I plan on getting a sample after it has some good miles on it and sending it to Blackstone. Looking to run it out at least 10k as i don't have time for anything anymore.

also the car will see a lot of city driving as me and my wife's jobs aren't but a few miles from where we live so oil analysis will be very important. anyway i think my ocd is calming down now!
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