2-Post lift model/brand suggestions?

Mar 2, 2004
Anyone have experience with 2-post lifts? I'll be breaking ground on my 30x50 garage/workshop this month, and I've got to get column locations for my lift so I can dig out a generous pad size where they'll be going-- which means I need to choose a lift and get it ordered.

I'm new to lifts, but did enough research to get me started, but I have no experience with brands or what's been working best for hobbyists like myself. Building is a clear span steel frame structure 30x50 with 12' eave height, 1:12 roof pitch. Front/rear of building is the gable side, 16x10 garage door located on front. I imagine the lift going dead center, as far back toward the rear wall as possible, while still giving me plenty of working room on longer vehicles.

I know there's overhead and baseplate styles (where hydraulic hoses / cables run overhead or on ground), I'm 6'2" tall and want to be able to stand under a normal sized vehicle if possible. I have no issues at all with the baseplate style, if it will give me more working room underneath. The heaviest vehicle I own is the minivan in my sig that weighs 4800#, but I'd like the capability of lifting a 1/2 or 3/4 ton pickup if I get one someday.

Again, this is for hobby/personal use or odd jobs, not professional. Cost is absolutely a consideration, but I don't want junk either.

Can anyone recommend brands/models/etc. that have worked well for them for this type of application? Even just shooting ideas out there that I can research would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
Baseplate style 10k usually has around 80" lift..
exact models.. well there are some previous posts here
or "best 2 post lifts of 2021" type google results.

What is the budget? is 4k? 5k? 2800?
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Rotary 10,000#
Bendpak 10,000#
Challenger 10,000#
Derek Weaver 10,000#

In that order, A Forward 10,000# would likely serve a hobbyist well, But the carriage design sucks & can lead to Arm Droop if you lift a lot of heavy trucks on it.

Ducking slightly under the Lift Arms is pretty much standard when you're over 6' tall, Plenty of height under the vehicle though. You might get annoyed by a baseplate! I have deep hatred for them myself, Even quit a job once because of it.

Most clear floor 2-post lifts are around 13' tall, My building was originally drawn up as a 1/12.....I had it changed to a 2/12 to give a little extra height at the Ridge. Mines a 30x40 with 12' walls, So our roof heights are comparable.
At my current 2/12.....Pretty sure I could face one of my lifts the other way & still clear the purlins.....It would be pretty tight or interfere with a 1/12 pitch.