2 cycle oil for your car?


I have a friend that puts a little bit of 2 cycle oil in his car at every fillup - at about 400:1. He says he get's better gas mileage that way. What do you guys think? Would mixing in a little 2 cycle oil help anything in a car? Wouldn't that be the same as "upper cylinder lube"?
London, AR
TCW-III oil is Ashless so deposits are not the big problem. Also you can buy Super Tech TCW-III at Wal-Mart for under $6 a gallon. The only thing is that most 2 Cycle Injector oils contain about 18-26% Stoddard Solvent. A good cleaner, and lubricity for your injectors especially in a diesel engine. I have also used Lucas in past years in both a gas and diesel engine with no issues. Personally if you are using Lucas or TCW-III I recommend also using FP at the recommended rate of 1 oz to 5 gallons of fuel. Or save the money and use the FP by itself to get lubricity and cleaning without any other additives. JMO [Cheers!]
Daytona Beach
I doubt that it would make a noticeable difference, though the small amounts of Shell "friction reducing additive" may lead one to think so. The part about Stoddard solvent bothers me a bit. You have to wonder what that might do to the windings in the fuel pump. Gasoline manufactures have quite a few things to consider when selling their products. One of them is IVD or Intake Valve Deposits. Mandated by the govt. and not a good idea to ignore. Adding 2 cycle oil to the gas may defeat the detergency of the gas additives and cause EGR failures as well. It may also cause the car to fail smog tests, either in the short term, from the oil itself, or due to the long term effects on other "systems".