1st gen Sienna whining noise

Aug 25, 2020
Hello all!
I just picked up a little 2002 Toyota Sienna with 170k miles. Clean history with regular maintenance per Carfax and seems well cared for.

PO stated that the vehicle had been parked for a year and recently decided to sell it vs letting it rot. He had the oil, transmission, spark plugs and filters changed the week prior to sale.

I noticed yesterday upon start up (engine cold, ambient temps about 100), there was a whine from the engine bay that lasted about 20 seconds after ignition. My hearing is not great but it sounded similar to a 1990's GM power steering pump whine when loaded.

The van runs, shifts and drives great.

Any ideas on where I should start to identify the cause or is this a common sound from these old Toyota 3.0's?

Thank you!
It may be the p/s pump. That generation of Sienna vans are notorious for whining p/s pumps.

I volunteered at a special event, guiding cars to park. I guided thousands of drivers to parking spots, so the family could catch a shuttle to the special event.

On multiple occasions, I was startled by p/s pump whine. I started paying attention, and almost all of them were Toyota Sienna vans. It was very memorable that they were all the same model car, that were whining.
Toyotas use Dexron III ATF for power steering fluid. Make sure it doesn't have regular clear power steering fluid in it.
Thanks for the info! Good to hear that its a common thing on these guys. I'll pull a sample of the fluid and see what it looks like.