1994 Grand Prix.

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Nov 27, 2014
I saw a friend yesterday that had a new car. 1994 Grand Prix with 75K original miles. This car looked like it had just rolled out of the showroom. Seems that an 80 year old man who bought it brand new has given up driving. The old guy said that several people wanted to buy the car but he was not comfortable selling it to them. My friend had to go through an interview on how ho drives and maintains his cars. He had to assure the old guy that the car would be garage kept. My friend finally convinced the old guy to sell it. The price was $2500. I think the best part was that the old guy gave him a box in chronological order of every service the car has ever had always at the dealer.
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Some people are like that, he got a good deal.
My friend is an easy going guy. He was amused by the whole transaction.
Any pics of your friend's car? My uncle had a bright red four door sedan that was sport model. Had the 3.1 V6 I believe, nice car back in the day. It was a company car that he needed quick as his previous Lumina was stolen. We were at a busy, nice restaurant and no spots were opening up in the large parking lot. My uncle did spot a car leaving so my uncle waited for it to leave. Then Jerry Springer in his Rolls Roycle swooped in and stole the spot. So my uncle used the valet. When we went to leave the valets couldn't locate it. It was gone. This was in Cincinnati by the way. Valet company owner drove us home. At about 5 am we get a call from the KY Hwy Patrol stating the car was in an accident. It left the pavement going at a high rate of speed and hit a tree. The driver was killed and I think two passengers injured. They took it to go to a college party and went on a beer run. My brother had some luggage in the back seat. Uncle and I went to KY to get some belongings out of it. The interior had a lot of blood inside. Very creepy feeling. Although the coupe looks much better.
My wife had a 1995 Grand Prix GTP when we started dating in 1998. Biggest POS ive ever seen. The 3.4 DOHC was a turd. We were both ecstatic when she got rid of it.
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Although the coupe looks much better.
That's a beautiful car!!
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