1984 Honda 200X won't shift right

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Dec 13, 2006
NW Pennsylvania
My 84 200X, won't shift right. What happens is the shift lever feels flimsy and isn't catching any of the gears. When ever I try to shift up or down the lever won't come back to the center. Like I said it just flops around. When I'm riding, I can hit first gear, shift into second but when shifting into third, I have to really play with the lever with my foot to make it go into gear. It is also impossible to find neutral. My local shop told me that this was a common problem and could be fixed by taking off the case cover and clutch and replacing a spring that is more then likely broken? Is this a common problem with these 200Xs and what is the most likely thing causing this loose shifting problem?

PS, the clutch works fine and is adjusted correctly.
That sounds like a plausible answer from your dealer. When I was reading your post I thought it was most likely the spring on the shift shaft, or possibly the dog that makes the gears stop at particular spots and allows placement of neutral. Pull the clutch side cover off and take a look, it isn't a hard job and your Honda dealer will be able to get the parts if they don't already have them on their shelf.
The Honda dealer here will not order or sell any 3-wheeler parts. Even if you walk in with a Honda Part # they wont sellif you tell em it's for a 3-wheeler. Don't even bother taking a 3-wheeler to them. They won't work on it. Period.

He's probly better off with a small mom and pop MC repair shop.

When I was younger and racing 3-Wheelers I never heard of any common problems with the 200x shifters. They did have a recall on the kickstart gears and I have replaced many of those.

I bet that the star or the roller that rolls on the star is bad.
I was right. It turns out, the one spring on the shift lever fell off it's post. I finally got around to fixing it but in the process busted off the oil rotor! So now I am waiting on someone to find me one at there junkyard. Once this bike is running what is a good viscosity to run, 15W-40 or a 20W-50?
I have an '84 200ES Big Red that I run Rotella T 15w40 in with no problems, the old engine will run forever on just about anything. My brother has an '86 TRX200SX that has been run on Penzoil 30HD for it's entire life, still runs great.
I have Rotella 15w40 in my 250x, with Rotella 5w40 to go in next. I haven't checked lately but rotella was motorcycle rated, and approved for wet clutches. I haven't rode lately but it shifted great with Rotella.
WOW this is a great running machine!! Just had it bored 040 over with a 10.25:1 Weisco piston. Right now Im using Brad Penn Racing 20W-50. I want the 50 weight protection because of the break-in process and high heat temps this little air-cooled engine produces. Great little machine that packs alot of kick!!
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