'15 MkT Stretch Limo 3.7L - Valvoline 5w20 syn

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Nov 8, 2019
Hi folks. I have been reading the Bob forum for years but never posted. I have couple interesting and rare oil analisys to show.
The first post will be from the oil analysis on July 2017. My next post will be from the current oil analysis but it will be in few weeks. The oil analysis here is for the 2015 Lincoln MKT 3.7 V6 stretch limousine. It was right at 100,000 miles and it was about year and a half of driving since new. Although this is 2015 model the beginning of its life was in January 2016 when I got the car would just few miles on it. Those cars go through serious body modifications as I'm sure you know. I drove the car in Chicagoland
area. So this car it's the definition of HEAVY DUTY USE. It's curb weight of 7950 lb it's pretty much like you're towing at all the time. With 9 passengers + 1 driver (me and luggage when going to airport) many times full grown men I can only guess what this car weights (10k lbs). And some of you might think this is a Highway use but you are totally mistaken. In Chicago traffic this car sees minimum of few hours of bumper-to-bumper drive 6 days in the week and the rest that are on the highway are usually loaded with people and driving 60 or 70 mph. Summer and winter. And another heavy duty thing is that I idle the car for hours. Sometimes up to 8 hours at a time. This is due to waiting for a client and it's either hot or cold outside so the interior of the car must be kept at normal temperatures at all the time. If outside is -20 that means the car will be idling and the heater on all the time regardless. They show up ready to go at random tomes. And vice versa if it's summer i keep the AC and car on all time. The car has two AC condensers and summers here arent as cold as winters. We have 90+ a lot. The car is being abused by me. I never drive like a old school limo driver. I floor this car multiple times a day. The car is being driven to Red Line on daily basis because when you accelerate on the highway exits you have to push it( you dont have to but it's nice) I use only 87 oct regular gasoline and only twice I can remember using premium to see what's the difference. I only and only use the Valvoline 5w 20 oil that comes in big metal oil barrels. This is not because I believe that's the best oil but because it is free of charge and is performed by the dispatch company. The oil has been changed only at 6000 miles plus or minus couple hundred. In this case the oil was 5700 and it was a little bit too early but I had no patience to wait so I changed it and waited for the oil sample. When the car was at 170k miles around June 2018 I forgot to do another oil sample because I got new car very fast. The new car is the same exact car but is 2018 model year with 3.5 V6 biturbo engine that I will do all oil analysis in couple of weeks and we will compare. Just for the protocol this is probably my 12th Lincoln and ever since they stop making the Old Town Car V8 engines we thought new V6s will not last as much. I was a little bit the wrong because it looks like they hold up very well and burn less Fuel and have excellent power and sound. Mileage wise maybe i was right the old V8 was a standard to hit 500,000 miles in the limo business in Chicago. Anything less than that is untypical. The V6 I believe will do 400,000 miles instead of those 500,000 based on what I have seen on other cars but I cannot confirm because I sold mine. But i am not sure about the trans. Probably will need a second one in its mid life.
So this is the result from the oil analysis and I leave the judging for the experts. Next time I will post the new engine oil sample and few pictures as well. :)

[Linked Image]

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It's synthetic I forgot to mention because I use by default only so called "full synthetic" oils in all my vehicles
Also I will ask if you know where will the molybdenum will come from in the oil sample?
The 3.7 is a non turbo, I think. so you are dragging around 10k lbs with a 3.7l V6?

Seems highly underpowered, no? What limo conversion company built that?
Its not underpowered at all. I wish you can try. This engine is high rpm so power is great. For the new o e is even better

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Ok but does this mean the Valvoline has no moly at all?
Sounds like the same engine our Transit 250s have in them (3.7 N/A TI-VCT V6), and they weigh 7000 loaded with parts & occasionally tow a 3-7000 pound enclosed trailer. I hope the rest of your MkT is better than the rest of the Transit's, because the engine is literally the only good part of the drivetrain on mine! It bangs off the 7000 RPM redline on a pretty regular basis.
The 3.5L/3.7L n/a engine is a stout engine; very good wear characteristics overall. This UOA is good in that not only is the wear low, but the contamination also is low. Power is good on the 3.7L; low 300hp range. Once it spins up, she goes well. Although the FWD/AWD apps are transverse and the truck/van are longitudinal, it's essentially the same engine with minor changes for orientation.

Worst part of these engines isn't wear; it's the water pump location. (inside the timing chain cover ) When it leaks, it will either leak via the path out behind the alternator, or far worse ... inside the engine, mixing coolant with the lube. Keep an eye out for loss of coolant! Keep an eye on the UOAs. This is an expensive repair when the pump goes bad, and if the coolant ruins the lube and you don't catch it, it can ruin the engine quickly. Check out the vast library of YT vids regarding this topic.
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You nailed it. The water pump is an issue. But it does not apper on models after 2013-14 i believe. Or At least was updated of some sort. It sounds catastrophic to have coolant in big quantities in the oil but We also have a 2012 Lincoln Mkz with the 3.5 non turbo and the pump sure did fail. The engine was repaired and is currently just around 380+k miles. I think the light on the dashboard will indicate low coolant very fast if the pump fails and you should be stopping the car immediately after this light comes on. So the engine will be saved
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