1/4 inch hex impact ok for working on car?

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Yes they are awesome for the stupid little 10mm headed fasteners on stuff like wire looms and plastic intakes that don't take a lot of torque but take your time. They can snap a 5-6mm fastener if you lean on them gunning down so zip-and-you're-done.
Yowza you'd get around 125 lb-ft of torque.. and with a 1/4 drive.. yeah that would work for REMOVAL. I wouldn't dare use it in the forward direction though.
They're fantastic for tearing stuff apart. Putting together isn't bad if you have a good feel for the tool.
Yes they are great , I have a Makita equivalent and it is my multi purpose go to tool. Use that thing to remove/install fasteners, drill. 1/4 hex impacts are great, use it.
On a somewhat related note, I read that a brushed impact driver should only be run at full speed when used. Modulating the speed with the trigger was supposedly bad? The OPs link is a brushless model so it wouldn't apply though.
Indispensable and worth its weight in gold for small bolts under the hood, transmission and oil pans. I use it to run up bolts slowly but not tighten, that is done by hand. Get a feel for the trigger and practice a little running them up before attacking your trans pan bolts.
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Indispensable and worth its weight in gold for small bolts under the hood, transmission and oil pans.
YES! ESPECIALLY transmission and oil pans!
I got the Harbor Freight "Chicago Electric" 18V 1/4" hex impact driver, and it has become one of my most used tools. It was only $40 with a battery, and worth every penny. I have 1/4" and 3/8" socket adapters. IIRC it is rated around 60 or 80 lb-ft, which is perfect for breaking loose most small nuts and bolts under a hood. It's much heavier and bulkier than the nice Milwaukees or Makitas, but it still beats the heck out of wrenching by hand. It also works great for driving wood screws. It looks like my model is now discontinued and being replaced with some nicer looking 20V models. I might just get another one to use at work so I can keep one at the house.
Been using the Milwaukee 12v Fuel Impact for some projects lately and been happy with it. Even ran some lag bolts into a 4x4 and was surprised it tackled the task, after sinking several deck screws before the lags. And 18v Fuel tools (some things don't come in 12v) for bigger tasks. I still have the ol Craftsman C3 series (drill/driver, impact, recip saw, circular saw, light etc), that I recently bought new batteries but those are NiCad and the C3 series been around for some time. But still have it.
Ever seen the youtube vid of the guy taking lug nuts off with a 1/4" drive impact, IIRC, it's a Milwaukee.
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You can get C3 lithium batteries and the matching charger for the C3 tools.
I seen the Lithium replacements. I went the route to keep the C3 tools running by getting a couple NiCad batteries, and at the same time bought a few spare batteries for the Milwaukee M12 Fuel and M18 Fuel. I am finding myself reaching for the M12 Fuel impact & drill driver more and more as its compact, light in weight and gets most tasks I call for done. If I didn't get into the M12 & M18 Fuel series, I'd probably then go for the Lithium for the C3.
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