'07 Taurus SE, factory fill 5w-20, 6424kms

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Aug 12, 2008
richmond, bc, canada
hey guys, my father bought an '07 taurus in december and here's the first UOA: it's factory fill lube which i thought was to be GTX, but with the lack of sodium, it looks like it's another dino oil. we bought the car from the local Budget dealership, if it makes a difference. car checks out pretty good but the iron is a bit high. obviously not enough info to call it a trend but it makes me curious. this, by the way, is the OHV vulcan motor, not the duratec. i changed the oil and put in YBP 5w-20... was thinking on changing it at 57,000kms but it's not set in stone. thoughts, comments, and questions are welcome! thanks, ian
Check with that dealer and ask them what brand of oil they put in their used cars. That could also be Petro Canada oil. The YBP 5W-20 will work well in that engine.
YB 5W-20 is great. PP 5W-20 is also an excellent choice, and I would lean towards that and find out after a few UOAs if 10k miles would be ok in that engine. PP 5W-20 really stands out, especially in 5W-20.
For only 4k miles, that iron is 'scary high' compared to what we usually see here. Every other value is great. The add-pack of that oil looks like Conoco-Phillips made MC 5W-20; but I'm sure I've read somewhere that Canadian MC oil is made by Esso... It's not PC oil; it uses more Moly and very little Boron...could be QS or FS, they also use add-packs that look like this. In fact, I'd bet its one of those two. Are you sure this wasn't a 5W-30 oil that sheared down? Most 20-weight oils are around 8.5-9.0 cst, and shear down a bit from there.
Addguy, "iron is scary high" give me a break. Sure it's higher but nothing to get excited about at 25PPM. If it was peaking around 100PPM then I'd be concerned.
Wannafbody, You might want to re-read my statement: '...iron is 'scary high' compared to what we usually see here..' In the 'real world', the iron isn't even a blip. But in the light of the super-obsessive standards we have here, it is high. That's why I put the qualifyer 'compared to what we usually see here..' in...
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