03 Frontier and Dexron 3?

I have an 03 Frontier with 100,000 miles. I have been doing the drain and fill wiht Mobil 1 synthetic ATF. Tranny has always shifted smooth but after I did the recent drain and fill it started shifting a little smoother. So i a, happy with the fluid and I have an 8 qt stash built up as I plan to use 5 qts this weekend for a d&f. My question is since mobil 1 changed what they recomend their ATF for. Is this still a good fluid for my truck? My manual says a Dexron 3 fluid is recommended, But mobil 1 no longer says Nissan Matic J in their recommendations. Also they list Mobil 1 ATF a Dexron 3G is that any different than Dexron 3?