00 CRV - Drum Brakes Squeak, especially in Reverse

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Oct 12, 2010
I recently replaced the entire rear brake system (high-quality NAPA wheel cylinders, Beck Arnley drums and shoes) to address a squeaking issue. I'm decent at drum brakes -- I have had good luck in the past setting them up on other Toyotas and Hondas, lubricating, and adjusting such that they work well without noise.

After a short amount of driving the noise returned. It is mostly apparent in reverse. Backing up with or without your foot on the brake you hear a little grinding chirp from the driver's side rear brake. The noise pulses at the frequency of the wheel rotation ("cheep, cheep, cheep").

When coming to a stop you can hear the same kind of noise when braking any harder than "very gentle." The noise typically shows up in the last 100 feet of stopping as the car is going more slowly.

I could try pulling the drum off and lubricating things AGAIN but I am starting to feel that it may be something else. Could this noise indicate excessive hub runout or a worn wheel bearing?

Any ideas appreciated... thanks
I think I did, trying to bed in the brakes. Didn't make a difference. Would be worth trying again, though.
One thing I have tried is pulling the handbrake at moderate speeds. With enough force it causes a very powerful squeal that does not sound happy at all...

Whereabouts in CA are you? I actually just moved to the Bay Area, just haven't updated my location yet.
Try applying the e brake in both forward and reverse while moving at slow speeds for a short distance.
You will never bed in rear drums with any great success, the fronts will go up in flames (not really) before you get them hot enough. Your best chance is with a little e brake action.

Edit: Just read the post you just posted before me. So much for that idea. Never mind.
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Other idea is to pull the offending drum back off and see if I can find metal-to-metal contact somewhere. That could give clues.

I love this forum. I post this in a Honda forum with no response for 2 days. I post here and have a lively discussion going in 20 minutes. Amazing.
what did you lube the rears with? You might want to try Silicone based grease or something like brake quiet (the red goopy stuff to reduce noise on pads.)
If you have the noise just by the wheel rotating without applying the brakes then I dont think it is the brakes
It may be a bearing
I use silicone grease anywhere there is rubber part nearby. The shoe tabs that contact the backing plate and drum I lube with a bit of Honda Moly 60 paste.
Took the drums off yesterday and cleaned out some of the brake dust. My observations:

- No metal-to-metal contact
- Hubs appear tight and smooth
- Shoes show only regular wear-in patterns

I spun the adjuster a tad to bring both sides to the point where the drum will *just* go on but you don't have to force it, and there is minimal drag when turning the drum without brakes applied.

Applied a bit more grease to the lube points of the driver's side brake assembly.

I noticed that when pulling the e-brake moderately or pressing the pedal hard the driver's side drum makes a creaking/groaning noise. Sounds like there is stick-slip somewhere... something shifting position slightly under heavy load. It is very repeatable.

The noise in reverse did not change.

I am buying a replacement drum and will switch it out just to see if this one is somehow warped...
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