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    cars with high mileage

    My current 2007 Ford Fusion has 264K at 10K OCIs with M1 20 wt oils. The engine still performs great and with only 4-7 OZ of oil consumption per OC.
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    What is the best 5w-30 for cleaning / keeping an engine clean these days?

    M1 oils have kept my engines clean for 42 years. This was with about 225K at 10K OCIs.
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    I have used the 910 on my 8 year old Craftsman rider with the 21HP engine. I change the oil and filter every 2 years and the filter always looks great.
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    2007 Accord 2.4L Valve Cover Photos - 45k miles of synthetic oil

    Looks good, but you can receive the same results with M1 oils and 10K OCIs.
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    Charge Voltage

    Maybe you volt meter is wrong. Borrow someone's VM and double check it. Should be in the 14+ range.
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    I have used 20 wt oils for years now in DD Fords with over 500K in my last three. Engines show no sign of wear, sound great, are very clean, and oil consumption has not increased.
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    Not lucky. The 910 is a very fine filter. I've been using them for 10+years in my Fords and they always look this even with my normal 10K OCI.
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    Purchased M1 LV HP ATF

    I noticed better shifting (up and down) after changing to M1 LV ATF. Also The color of the fluid stays much pinker than MC atf which turns nearly black after 20-30K. I do a drain and fill every 30-35 K.
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    Purchased M1 LV HP ATF

    My 2017 Fusion has electric PS, but my 2007 Fusion has hydraulic so I use M1 mercon V atf in it.
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    Purchased M1 LV HP ATF

    I ordered this from O'Reiley's and picked it up yesterday. Even though this atf doesn't meet Ford's LV spec (M1 hasn't sought approval) it performs very well in my trans.
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    PSF vs ATF

    I wouldn't be concerned about that.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2017 Ford Fusion with 10K OCI with no oil loss. Out: M1 5-20 EP In: M1 5-20 EP Oil Filter: MC FL 910S
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    PSF vs ATF

    I have used M1 Mercon V ATF in my PS pumps for 30+ years and to date have not had one fail. Perhaps 1 million miles or more.
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    Regular M1 vs. M1 EP ?

    Any M1 badged oil will serve your engines very well.