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    5w30 or 5w40 (or 0w30) Castrol Edge Euro vs 0w40 euro edge to reduce engine oil consumption in e46

    I would definately check the oil pressure with a manual gauge before trying to "solve" a flickering light with a change in oil viscosity. Won't happen with oils available within reasonable ranges anyway. Plus, it could be something as simple as a bad pressure sending switch or sensor. Way...
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    Castrol Euro 0w40 is back at Amazon for 28.50 for 5 quart jug

    I imagine with the recent inflation rise, this will be the new normal price point it settles at. Great oil and have used it for years, however I think they took out some PAO and made a couple other tweaks to lower the cost of manufacturing. Doubt is has LL-01 APPROVAL, as none of the 0W-xx oils...
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    Mobil 1 Euro 0w40 in a BMW e46 -good idea when without LL-01

    Oh, and @ slo town-Scott you KNOW I have dibs on the 330 if the world stops and you decide to sell it. I've only been bugging you for nearly 20 years.
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    Mobil 1 Euro 0w40 in a BMW e46 -good idea when without LL-01

    I would seriously try a bottle of the HPL cleaner and see where that goes if you have that kind of consumption. Once it settles down, ANY of the oils mentioned are a good bet. Just from personal experience in my former E46/M54, Mobil 1 0W-40 FS was "noisy", while GC was not. I did have slight...
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    is it ok to M 1 Euro 0w40 in 2009 Lexus RX350 with 207,000 miles

    Zinc is great for an old prostate. Oops, wrong thread 😁.
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    Reasonable price oil with good shearing resistance?

    Yeah, zero could be a bit of an exaggeration. But the oil itself isn't necessarily the problem as long as it's still doing well. This requires much better testing and interpretation of the oil than B-Stone could ever provide. Look for an analysis that provides at least nitration and oxidation...
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    Reasonable price oil with good shearing resistance?

    With all the folks that have run M1 0W-40 in that same engine, have shown it to shear down to a high 30wt. (then stabilizing there) and have had ZERO problems doing it, why do you want to change? Still one of the best, cheapest, and most available "40s" out there. Now, if you just want to try...
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    VW 504/507 oil - Mobil 1 5w30 ESP vs Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 5w30

    That pretty, blockish, Teutonic looking container is waaaaaay better looking than the more ho hum, conventional styled bottle of Mobil 1. THAT alone makes it superior, but when you throw in the "Made in Germany" label, there is NO contest ;). Seriously, which one is easier to get/cheaper...
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    Castrol 0w40 has disappeared, suitable replacement?

    @slo town-Hey Scott, when ya gonna sell me that 330? ;) . Hope you're doing well brother. Keep up the "GC" legacy.
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    Recently Purchased a 2018 VW GTI

    Yes, to take full advantage of the EtOH, it must be tuned (eliminating fuel rail pressure drop is key). Mine was FBO (full bolt on) with OE IS20 turbo on Stg 2 EQT OTS E30 tune. The ethanol would spool that turbo so fast and never had issues with it. Just add about 3 gallons E85 and make sure...
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    Recently Purchased a 2018 VW GTI

    Oh man that car can be so **** fun on E30 ;).
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    Recently Purchased a 2018 VW GTI

    Nice car, congrats. My former was one of the first MK7 Autobahns released in 2015. I had a few mods and power pushed to ~350 with nary an issue. Really loved that car, but alas, momma wanted a new Tiguan. Check this site for some of the best, most comprehensive info, and friendly folks more than...
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    Did Dealer use 0-30 instead of specified 0-20 (508) ?

    Funny how the dye used is actually blue. It turns green in amber (yellow) oil. It's often referred to as VW blue oil. And it is available in bulk drums ;). The "marker" used is vanadium and shows up in UOAs
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    Valvoline Euro 5W-30

    Pretty sure that with VW 502/505 and BMW LL-01, API SL, it is a full SAPS formula. With ultra low sulphur gasoline now in existence everywhere in the US, could probably run a mid-SAPS (VW 504/507, BMW LL-04) out to full OCI, but UOA for certain. Lots of folks contend lower SAPS is beneficial for...