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    2001 Buick LeSabre 3.8L 3800 Series II Unknown OCI & Oil

    See TRAV's post. As for 'head gasket sealers' they can ruin an engine really quick, and chances are, teh LIM gaskets are what's causing your coolant in oil on that engine.
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    2001 Buick LeSabre 3.8L 3800 Series II Unknown OCI & Oil

    Nix the head gasket sealer. More issues that’s its worth. Just change the LIM gaskets and do it once.
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    Biennial Oil Change?

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    Ever bought a car sight unseen?

    Bought 3 cars this way. All from hyundai. ‘06 Sonata V6; ‘13 Elantra; and in September I bought a 2021 Tuscon Ultimate. Haven’t regretted any of them.
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    New engine - change oil at 1k, or leave it in?

    Normally, I just change out at 5k, and 5k thereafter.
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    PUP 5w30, 2017 Ford Escape 2.0l turbo 7600 miles

    I was under the impression that PUP was alittle on the thin side anyways.
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    Mower Valve Covers? Can I get away with any RTV?

    I used grey on my Honda valve cover. let it dry, have has no issues. When I pulled the cover, that's all the 'gasket' actually was, RTV.
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    PQIA Results of Synthetic / SN Plus Oils

    I see, just seems like there should be way more on there. you know, like all the Pennzoils, QS, Valvoline, M1's etc.
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    PQIA Results of Synthetic / SN Plus Oils

    Nice charts! But seems there are quite a few of the 'mainstream' oils missing.
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    Lake Country CCS Foam Pads

    Either way, they are (IMHO) the best pads to use.
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    Oil dipstick giving different readings

    If the letters on the dipstick are installed facing towards the engine, use the lowest. If the letters are facing away from the engine, use the higher.
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    Lake Country CCS Foam Pads

    I use nothing but those. the colours do seem to change, Normally I used Orange or green for polish, and gold for wax, but it seems those no longer apply. Here is lake's pad selector.
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    Oil change disaster

    This exact thing happened to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it till I put the last quart in, and backed up and saw the ever growing puddle surrounding my shoes. Cleaned up the mess, No car, and no stash. Had to walk a couple miles to the nearest gas station and pay double per quart for the...
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    End of an era for British Airways.

    And I thought I was strange when I apologized to my car when I traded her in.
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    Why so short?

    5k for me because the SS interval is 3750k, the NS interval is 7500k. Since my commute is mostly two lane curvy highway with hills and such, I split the difference. An added Benny is 5k intervals are easy to remember.