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    5w30 full synthetic vs 10w30 full synthetic

    I am a 10/30 fan. The only move away from a 10/30 is if I use PP Euro L 5/30.
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    What made you buy a new lawn mower?

    I had a second place with acreage. At both places I had old push lawn mowers for trimming. When I sold house #1 I decided it was time to get rid of the old push mowers and just get a super recycler. It was self propelled and lighter then what I was using before. I has a lot of getting from...
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    post your latest transmission lubricant change.

    2019 Nissan Frontier Desert Runner Out factory fill , 52,320 miles In MaxLife 3 quarts, 26 ounces Oil was just off color some but good other wise. Did drain plug. Will try again but vacuum to see how much comes from the top in about 500...
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    Homemade lube/protective Black Powder shooters

    I am a warm, not hot, water with dawn as the first go around then a good water rinse follow up with a good drying. All threads get a light grease and internals get Ballistol. Bore is either Ballistol or TC bore butter. External same as the bore.. I do have a cannon and it is done a lot...
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    Homemade lube/protective Black Powder shooters

    Like the title says what is your homebrew. I looking more for what you actually use on the gun, not the bullet lube. Thanks
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    Fram ultra only at Walmart?

    I went to the fram site to look up an air filter for a 2019 frontier 4.0. The XGA 7440 shows up as an ultra and only at Walmart. I find it hard to believe only the fram ultra air filter can be bought at Walmart. Is it a regular filter with just the ultra name? I got it anyway.
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    Post your latest oil change

    2019 Nissan Frontier 4.0 , 50k mile mark, 7k on oil, 14k on filter Out PP 5/30 Euro L, M1 110A In QSFS 10/30, M1 110A I think I will stick with the QSFS 10/30 because it cheap enough and easy to get at Walmart. No PP 10/30 or Havaline 10/30 FS on the shelves. Super tech not good on price point.
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    Quaker State Synthetic

    QSFS is the new oil of choice for me for my truck and some of my lawn equipment. 10/30 is the flavor I like.
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    Have you noticed a weight difference??

    Maybe not. Is he comparing the same weights? Density of 0/20 is .838 while a 5/30 is .84. in PP. Maybe I need to look up the density of all oils to prove if one oil weighs more than the other. I know my body is sensitive enough to know the difference.
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    Have you noticed a weight difference??

    So does a jug of PP 5/30 weigh more than a jug of PP 0/20? I need to go look at the spec sheet to see the density of each.
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    2019 Frontier ATF matic S

    45.000 miles on truck. I will use ML and drain/fill 3 times in a week. then 1 drain every 15 to 20k miles.
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    2019 Frontier ATF matic S

    I am looking to do an ATF change. The engine bay says to use a matic -S fluid. Looks like about the only fluid in a gallon size with a "recommend" matic-S is Maxlife, I prefer not to use a high mileage fluid. I would like to use Castrol Transmax Full synthetic multi vehicle but can't find it...
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    Stand by generator fixed one problem then...

    Ordered a thermal switch that generic uses. They have the ratings listed. I notice the RVs generators call for a 305f switch, I thinking a 285f switch so I ordered a 295f switch. I guess I will find out next summer in hurricane season. Price was $16 shipped.
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    Standby generator capacitors

    I had a fluke 11 that did check capacitors. Just make sure you have a multi meter that has enough range for motor capacitors. Some of the meters are just enough range for electronic capacitors. I need to get another one.
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    Stand by generator fixed one problem then...

    The wires to this switch does not look to be Teflon coated wires so I do have a hard time thinks it could run up to 285 f but who knows. I can now justify a non contact temperature gun:)