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    1989 F-150 4x4 - Diff Fluid

    Thanks for all of the good advice. I just spent the last 2 days on/off a tractor putting up hay. I have decided I am taking on any more difficult chores until the temperature gets down to 90 degrees!! I do need to look at the cost vs. benefit of the different options. I have no idea what...
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    1989 F-150 4x4 - Diff Fluid

    I would appreciate some thoughts on what type of gear oil I should use in a 1989 F-150 4x4. It was my Dad's old truck and I have started driving it. It has 122K miles, but looks great and runs great. I am using it here on my farm .... just like my Dad used it. The manual suggests a Hypoid...
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    Post your latest oil change

    1989 Ford F-150 4x4 4.9L engine 121,891 miles Motorcraft FL-1A filter Valvoline Maxlife 10W-30 (6 quarts) * This is the first OCI on a HM oil. I am going to drive it for 3K miles unless the oil gets dirty quickly. The engine had a strange tapping sound upon cranking for the first couple of...
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    Honda folks: Maintenance Minder OCI lenghts?

    My Acura TSX Maintenance Minder is giving 5.5 - 6.5K at about 5% left. I am getting ready to change the oil again. It went 6100 miles with 5-10% remaining.
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    5w-40 Shell Rotella syn 6768 miles 97 GMC 5.7

    I just bought a 1999 Chevy C2500 pickup truck with this same 5.7L engine. It has 125k miles on it and was used as a work truck by my brother-in-law. It needs an oil change and I was thinking about a HM oil. This UOA has changed my mind.
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    Motorcraft FL-822 on a Honda/Acura???

    Has anyone ever used a Motorcraft FL-822 on a Honda or Acura? It is the equivalent to the Wix 51356 or M1-110 filter. I have used the MC filters on Fords in the past and thought they were quality products. Has anyone ever tried one on a Honda?
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    Mobil Oil & Wal-Mart

    The only ExxonMobil products carried in Wal-Mart is either Mobil Clean 5000 or one of many M1 synthetic products. All of the other oil brands (PZ, QS, Castrol, Valvoline, etc.) have conventional oil, HM oil, synthetic blends and then a high-end synthetic. It appears that ExxonMobil just wants...
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    Chevrolet 4.3 v6

    My older brother has the 4.3L V6 in a 2000 or 2001 (can't remember) Chevrolet Silverado with a 5 sp manual transmission. It has over 400,000 miles on it and has seen only 1 oil since it was bought brand new. He uses Havoline 10W40. A 40 weight oil in a 6 cylinder. I tried to get him to...
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    Rust on Chrome Rims?

    I live in NC and I just visited a company yesterday that makes a terrific polish. The company is Busch Enterprises in Statesville, NC. The owner is Ted Busch and he is a hoot!! Google Busch Shine Products and buy his aluminum polish. He has a protector as well. It is a small company owned...
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    Qauker State Ultimate Durability (Synthetic)

    I am really liking the way the QS UD seems to be running in my Acura. I picked up another 4 x 5 qt containers. I should have a UOA ready in about 6-8 weeks. At $18/container it is a really good deal
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    What does it mean - "semi" synthetic??

    Would I be correct in assuming that the term "semi" synthetic refers to a blend of Grp II and Grp III? I have Motorcraft 5W-30 in mind. I was at Wal-Mart looking for deals and the MC semi-synthetic caught my eye. At $2.77/quart in quart bottles it is a good deal. The 5 qt containers of 5W-20...
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    Can a warped disk brake cause wheel to shake?

    If it is vibrating without the brakes being applied it is most likely a tire issue. It could be rotors or a pad issue, but it is most likely a tire. I had a set of tires that were just difficult to balance. I finally took them to Discount Tire for balancing. The store is new and they have...
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    Qauker State Ultimate Durability (Synthetic)

    I just put 4.4 qts of QS UD in my Acura TSX. I drained Mobil Clean 5000 that only had about 3k miles on it. My initial impression is that the QSUD makes the car much easier to crank on cold mornings. I know "cold" is relative, but we have had some mornings here in NC were it has been in the...
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    Grand Total BITOG Member Combined Oil Stash

    15 qts of QS Ultimate Durability 5 qts PYB 2 qts Mobil Clean 5000 25,296
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    Cleaning ability: OTC premium synthetics vs HDEOs

    My brother-in-law put M1HM in one of his work trucks to do exactly what you are describing. It was a late 90s model Chevy Work Truck with the 5.7L engine. It had not been maintained the best over the years (used in construction), but it was mechanically sound. I believe it had about 125k...