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    GM 3.9L Oil Capacity

    I've acquired a 2010 Buick Lucerne with 34000 miles on it. Great ride. But can someone explain how or why they designed this engine to only take 4 quarts of oil? Really? That just doesn't seem like much especially if you are following the oil life monitor which can sometimes extend drain...
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    Worn CV Shaft

    98 olds 88. The tire shop road force tested with the new tires on and all wheels and tires are fine. Which draws my attention to the CV shaft. I say that because I replaced one CV shaft on the right side but not the drivers side
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    Worn CV Shaft

    Can a worn CV shaft cause vibration felt in the floor? When I get up to 70 MPH it becomes noticeable and just a little more pronounced at 75 and up. I've had the tires and wheels checked and they are all fine.
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    Brand new Tires / 98 Olds 88

    I just got brand new Firestone Fuel Fighters on my moldsmobile. Before I had them put on I noticed a slight vibration at 70-75 MPH. Had it inspected before new tires and they found 2 bend rims. I buy two used rims (steel wheels), shop inspects them, they are fine. They install 4 new tires...
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    Anyone NOT have a problem with Jiffy Lube type places?

    I quit using those places years ago and change my own. I always had to double check the oil level and so many times it was under or overfilled. I don't trust the calibration of the guns they use to put the oil in. Then they check the level right after they install it presuming you get a good...
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    New Firestone Champion Fuel Fighters

    I just installed a new set of these tires on my 98 Olds. Also had it aligned. And what I'm noticing is the same with the old tires. When I get to 75-80 mph I feel ever so slight vibration but the steering wheel isn't shaking at all. My concern is am I wearing out these new tires fast are...
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    98 Old 88 - Flush or Drain ATF?

    What's crazy is when you talk about the 4th gear being the failure point. It must have a ghost in it. I've driven this car to San Antonio Texas and back twice last summer. Blazing hot, humid, traffic jams on interstate....ran perfect
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    98 Old 88 - Flush or Drain ATF?

    Ok...thank you. This trans runs good. It does have one issue with a worn out solenoid so it will have a long shift between 1,2 and 3rd gear...but I've found thar by accelerating just slightly quicker than normal helps it shift faster. I dont mean slamming on it, but just getting it up to...
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    98 Old 88 - Flush or Drain ATF?

    I bought this car used a year and a half ago used with 147,000 miles. It was a one owner and the guy took really good care of it. The ATF still looks clean today. I guess I have a couple questions. If it's still clean should I mess with it? I dont know when it was last changed. And when I...
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    New Steering Rack with tie sound

    Could a steering knuckle make a pop or a click when shifting into reverse or drive? Or CV shaft? This click sounds like its coming right from the passenger front wheel
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    New Steering Rack with tie sound

    Just had a new steering rack replaced which comes with the tie rod ends in my 98 Olds 88. After getting it back a couple weeks ago I been hearing a loud click when going into reverse or drive. Or drive from reverse. It does this while my foot is on the brake and it does not make any noise...
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    Oil Life Monitor question

    The OLM for my 2017 Pacifica states that it measures short trips and temps. Does it take into account how much moisture could be getting in the oil over a winter? I changed it last fall and it's only at 50%. After a full winter I tend to want to get that oil out of the crank case. Give that...
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    BP Stations

    I actually posted about this here recently. It's so stupid. All BPs, Mobiles are gone. Swallowed up by Couche-Tard which is the company that owns the Circle K brand. TARD fits well in their name. I'm [censored] off because now all we get is crap and its nice that to most ppl gas is gas...
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    Is Unbranded Fuel ok for my Pacifica?

    There is absolutely nothing top tier about Circle k unless they fly the BP..Mobil or shell sineage. I just can't believe I live in a college town with 4 colleges...2 hospitals and headquarters of State Farm insurance and all we have is generic gas unless you drive 7 miles to the outskirts of...
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    Is Unbranded Fuel ok for my Pacifica?

    And the other problem is that my owners manual specifically stated NOT to add over the counter additives . For the previous poster this is a 2017 Pacifica