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    Parallel Parking

    I get a chuckle watching fellas in their bass boats coming to jump on the trailer like the pros do. After a day in the sun drinking beer it's usually quite a show..
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    Warm Up Question

    Not really. Basic cars with few or no options still had manual chokes in '64-including my '64 Falcon.
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    Warm Up Question

    My '80 RX7 had the same choke setup. It worked fine.
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    Parallel Parking

    That video has been around for a while now-pretty good. They don't have parallel parking as a test requirement anymore in Minnesota. The new people coming here mostly couldn't pass it. Easier to dumb down than to get called names
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    Buying An Oil Extractor Pump

    I also like the Fumotos and use them where practical. Also the extractors where it works. I now fuss about the tight access and mess with these plastic under drivetrain belly pans and oil filter changes. We had bought a 1980 Mazda RX7 with the filter inverted on top of the engine. I'd punch a...
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    Winter rim resurface (Hyundai Tiburon oem 17" Rims)

    I quit using aluminum wheels in winter. Of course, cosmetically they deteriorate but the main thing is the sealing beads and the air leaks
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    Looking to buy a spring compressor

    I would think that any of these would use a buttress thread as your bench vice has.
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    Cordless Tool Batteries

    It reminds of the Polaroid instant cameras of 50-60 years ago. The cameras were fairly inexpensive and the film packs were very expensive-also copiers and ink cartridges
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    Are you serious about tire rotation intervals?

    I tend to drive faster on the wide open highways, but slower otherwise. I get very good life out of tires and only had one alignment needed. I don't care for entry fellas messing with my lug nuts or drain plugs. This in 55 years of my car life.
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    Project Farm - Tests Leaf Blowers

    I like my battery unit for small jobs, but my gas backpack can't be beat for the big jobs.
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    Anyone had a Kia Rio blow up on them?

    The '03-'06 Elantras were unchanged with 2.0 low HP Hyundai/Kia engines.. My '20 GDI 2.0 uses the same spin on filter as the '05.
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    Anyone had a Kia Rio blow up on them?

    My understanding is that the problem was at their Alabama engine assembly operation where there was machining debris left in many engines. I've had two Elantras and both fine with virtually zero problems. The '05 is still going with around 175k miles and the '20 with few miles is fine. I made...
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    Hercules Ironman tires

    The actual manufacturer often varies over the years. My early Buick Riviera had Korean made Hercules tires. This was in the mid 1990's.
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    New Tires - vibration

    I've written on this before. I worked in a tire shop in the late 1960's. We had transitioned from the old standard bubble balancer to a spin balancer and had a dial indicator mounted on it. This was steel wheel years that were pretty true if not damaged. We viewed a tire with over a 0.030 out...
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    Four new TPMS today

    My wife's 2005 Nissan still has the original working sensors on the front.. I had the rears changed about 5 years ago when replacing those rear tires as 10 years was what was suggested as about the time frame of battery failure. You never know sometimes-