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    Did he have stability control turned off?

    That’s awesome, I love how the truck rolled, so safe!
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    SONY 75" 4K ULTRA TV

    I’ve got an 86 LG I bought when they first came out; still a terrific picture. I’ve considered upgrading to something up to date, but after having an 86, I’d never consider anything smaller. Does anyone know if anything bigger is available now at a reasonable price?
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    Moments from disaster.. share your stories

    Does anyone here know what a paragraph is?
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    Your Most Dangerous Driving Experience

    Ok, another one... Coming down the hill at Lime Rock in my twin turbo RX7, about to pass two BMW’s coming out of the apex leading onto the main straight. BMW #2 decides to pass BMW #1 just as I’m blowing by both of them.... ......needless to say, it didn’t end well. For the few who may read...
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    Your Most Dangerous Driving Experience

    That makes him my brother, and in turn you’re my brother too. Military guys understand, anyone who’s been knee deep in the _____ have a bond that can’t be broken, even if you’ve never met one of your brothers, that bond is always there.
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    Your Most Dangerous Driving Experience

    I’ve given it some thought, and I’ve had almost too many vehicle related near-death experiences to count, both on and off-track. However, I think by far the most dangerous of all was being driven to ground zero on 9/11 🇺🇸 Coming up on 20 years... Never Forget
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    Your Most Dangerous Driving Experience

    Op, are we including track events, or is this just street driving? There’s a mistake. Research on what to do in this situation to help prevent a reoccurrence :)
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    Your Most Dangerous Driving Experience

    Lucky indeed. I’ve seen the outcome of poor judgment way too many times. Count your blessings
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    How Germany Almost Reached America

    Lots of U boat Commanders cruised up and down the Eastern seaboard, do a little research
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    GM Silverado/Sierra 1500 2.7 GTDI Inline 4?

    Great for the soccer moms and dads... PASS
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    Saw a new Corvette the other night.

    I’ve had two absolute animal corvettes, and never noticed that.
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    Saw a new Corvette the other night.

    It’s not a bad looking car in person, some colors seem to work better with the lines. Being a former SCCA guy, I like the idea of the flat plane crank and upcoming Zo6. What turns me off though, is the automatic trans. I already know what many will say, it shifts faster, etc etc. We all know...
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    Saw a new Corvette the other night.

    You obviously don’t know much about what’s “out there”. Please list one normally aspirated American V8 engine that has more horsepower/torque (both) than the C6’s 427.
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    Saw a new Corvette the other night.

    Bite your tongue, C6 is the last of the 427’s
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    O2 sensor replacement

    Just teasing about the “beater” lol, indeed some vehicles with over 250k on the clock still run like a charm. Personally, I’ve had better luck with whatever O2/AFR sensor is OEM, but ymmv. As someone mentioned earlier, they do get “lazy” after some time. 160k is probably a good time to replace...